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Well written article on Greg Oden.

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May 1, 2014 at 6:35pm


I found this article as I was boringly surveying Yahoo news and decided to take a look at it.  It is very well written and just shows the struggles and setbacks that Oden has faced throughout his entire career.  I really do wish he can at least get the chance to have some significant playing time this playoff, but seeing how abysmal Hibbert and the Pacers have been they may not need him.  Anyways its an interesting read and just kind of  a change of pace from all the recruiting posts that have been here lately.



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Johnny-Shane_Utah-Falco's picture

I can't stand the Heat, but when they signed G.O. --- I started to root for them when he was playing.

When they put him in the game --- I'll root for the Heat.  But when he doesn't come off the bench --- I hope they lose.

Ditto with E.T. and the Pacers.



Buckeye4life23's picture

I feel the same way, the only reason why I would root for the Heat is if Oden was playing significant time for them.

Muck Fichigan that is all.

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I forget, was there something that happened in the past that made folks in Ohio hate the Heat?

... But yeah, same here.

Just... Go Bucks.


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I saw this too (I was actually going to start a forum post about this, but I got a little busy), and I am not sure whether I like the article or not. Maybe it is only me, but I felt like the article was blaming Oden in some way, but I also thought that it was a well written article (not sure how I felt both of those). Anyway, I hope Oden becomes an all-star, which ever team he is on at the time.

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I thought I'd heard that G.O. had been shut down for the season right before the playoffs started because of back issues. Could be wrong, I dunno.