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I'm in the Finals...

Ramzy Nasrallah's picture
April 7, 2014 at 2:38pm

...of a Notre Dame site's 64-tweet bracket determining one champion. Here's the tweet:

It was a 12-seed and has beaten five consecutive Notre Dame fan tweets. I wrote it on my phone at Out-R-Inn during the Michigan-Notre Dame game last season. Now it's in the finals against this, which if true (I'm sure it is) is completely adorable:

Anyway, part of me wants the ND fan to win the ND site's contest; the troll part of me kind of likes the idea of metaphorically Ted Ginning all over ND's Fiesta Bowl dreams once again. Either way, it's been more entertaining for me than the actual tournament. MAKE ONE FUCKING BASKET, AMIR. JUST ONE.

You can vote here if you'd like. I voted for Steve. Polls close Tuesday at 5pm.

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I have to go with Steve's too. That's priceless and coming from a large family where a lot of them root for ND, they would agree with that young girl's sentiment far more often than not.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Clicked on the link.  Can't figure out how to vote.  Am I missing something?

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There should just be a button to click down below Ramzy's embedded tweet.

Ramzy is currently running away with it, but I imagine this thing is early.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Thanks for the publicity, all. Happy to have some good folks visiting us over at HLS.

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Ramzy has a huge lead.


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Ramzy is winning big, so good for him. Steve in Iowa's tweet is hilarious though.

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buckeyes7222's picture

Ramzy deserves it just purely based off the tweets. Steve's is funny I admit, but it's predictable and an overused type of humor.

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Got my vote Ramzy. For all those twitter guys out there. Ramzy is definitely worth a follow. He's always posting funny stuff, I enjoy his sense of humor. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Ramzy got my vote. Like Urban Meyer said "If they're keeping score, we're going to try to win""

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Trolling wins, I voted for Ramzy.

Btw, Ramzy leads 100-44.

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Just cast my vote for Ramzy. In the lead with 70%.

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Witticism over funny children every time…+1 for Ramzy, who is seemingly running away with this.

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Nobody puts Ramzy in the corner...Not even an 8 year old.

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Ramzy has made tweets about my jokes, not once, but twice. I put it on my resume.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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PittBuckeye's picture

I wonder if he put it on his resume that other people add him to their resume...

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BucksfanXC's picture

That'd be so meta

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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One Day for each - ND Poll = 220ish votes; 11W Heart of it All Poll 1,000ish votes

Go BUCKS!! Go Ramzy !!

ONE Not Done!

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osu07asu10's picture

Ramzy 174 

Steve - 73

Vote cast for Ramzy.

"They don't know what they don't know." - Coach Mick

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Well, I won, beating the other 63 entries including one from Louis Nix, who could probably pop my head like a zit.

Feeling slightly bad about a Buckeye winning an ND contest, so I wrote an acceptance speech which they've posted here.

[makes space on trophy shelf]