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Downtown/campus bar scene

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March 9, 2014 at 5:28pm

Planning to head to Columbus in April for a bachelor party. I've been to High Street on game days but most bars are a good bet on game days. Was wondering what places should be on the list, both downtown and campus.

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I'm partial to World of Beer. A safe bet is to head to the Short North and/or Arena District and hit up any of those that look interesting to you.

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If you're coming for a bachelor party, I would probably avoid the campus bar scene unless you want to feel old.

Short North, Arena District, Downtown, or German Village are probably all safe bets. As for a specific bar, it depends on what your buddy is like and what he enjoys.


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Perhaps times have changed, but in my experience, you don't go to a bar for a bachelor party.

Just sayin...

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I would also advise staying toward the Arena District/ Short North area. The Big Bang Piano Bar is a pretty cool place to stop by in the Arena District. All sorts of really nice bars in the Short North.

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Depends a lot on your age and what you are trying to do while here. Short North, as stated, is a very common area for nightlife. If you are trying to meet girls then the Park Street area would probably be best. Just don't go all El Guapo while there. Arena District is also very fun to hang out around. German Village/Brewery District is more for casual drinking.

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Just be careful out there Browns we are going to need you for football season.

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Arena District and Short North should have what you're looking for, but if you want a fun campus option, Ethyl and Tank is pretty great.

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If it's freshmen sloots you're looking for, follow me to The Spot Bar.

Lot of 18-21 year olds girls there.

I'm just happy to be here

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If you're staying downtown I'd prob start off somewhere like 16-Bit (arcade bar) then to Gordon Beirsch before heading to Cantina, Brothers, Gaswerks, Patio for the young ladies. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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What ever happened to just going to a strip club and then maybe bars full of ass? I see people on mentioning hanging out in microbrews and bars that are typically full of men.

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Nothing wrong with strip clubs but that's not what the guy asked for.

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Near the corner of 5th and High, there is a distillery, a meadery, and a brewery all within two blocks of each other: Middle West Spirits, Brothers Drake, and Seventh Son, respectively. I know for sure Middle West and Brothers Drake offer tours if you call ahead. I would recommend starting with one if those then hopping through the Short North. 

In April I would be looking for patios/open air bars for warm weather and people watching. Bodega is a hipster spot with a patio and 50 beers on tap. The Pint House a huge bar with an enormous beer selection and the front is open to the street. Marcella's and The Pearl are more of restaurants, but both have excellent food and massive windows facing the street that open completely. Cantina is open air and both Novak's and Callahans have rooftop decks overlooking the North Market. A lot of good food, drinks, and people watching all around.

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