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Way OT - During our most recent 18 inch snowfall.. my daughter made her first movie

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February 19, 2014 at 9:59am

My Daughter really loves the idea of making movies... she is only 5.  During our most recent snow day she as the younger daughter was taking a nap, she decided to make her first movie.  It is 100% her story, her set up and her camera work... and her directing my camera work a bit.  I did the editing...  Not exactly Citizen Kane yet.. but we're working on it ;-)


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You play with dolls?


I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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Nice, but I kept waiting for Big Nut to make an appearance.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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LOL! That's kinda messed up man.  

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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I love that your 5 year old daughter knows Casablanca.

This was fun to watch, thanks for the post.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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