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Adidas ad "Kareem is the blueprint" Trying to make buckeyes look like babies?

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February 7, 2014 at 3:06pm

Haha, not really. I don't know if this is what they're trying to do. And i'm not sure that it's supposed to be Ohio State, but it seems pretty clear to me it is. Honestly, it's a funny commercial and I'm not offended; I don't know how you could be. My reasoning for posting this is because it looks like the fake team is supposed to be The Ohio State, and anything that shows the bucks needs to be shared.


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At the very least it looks like Dennis has "full range of motion" in those shorts.

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Pretty funny spot - I didn't see what you were getting at until they did the Bobby whatever-his-name-was fundamentals sketch. Then the unis did look a little too familiar for my liking :)

They're probably just frosted that we're a Nike school, right?

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That was my assumption. ps I'm so happy we don't use adidas. I would be devastated to see the bucks in whatever horrendous get up adidas would come up with.

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The uniform colors and the word 'State' on the chest aren't enough to make me think this is an OSU dig, but who knows, it very well could be. 

Speaking of Adidas, they have lost 2 of their biggest programs recently with both Notre Dame and Tennessee announcing deals with other companies (ND to Under Armour, UT to Nike). 

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Any time I have a chance to joke on adidas uniforms I take it.

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The O on his uni may have been his number. Zero sounds appropriate for the guy.

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