Michael Brewer, a Texas Tech Transfer, Named Starting Virginia Tech Quarterback

By DJ Byrnes on August 23, 2014 at 1:23p
Virginia Tech QB Michael Brewer
[@Andrew_Ford17, Twitter]

Virginia Tech will travel to Columbus for a primetime clash in Week 2, and both teams will start question marks at quarterback.

Virginia Tech announced today Michael Brewer, a redshirt junior and transfer from Texas Tech, will start the season at quarterback for the Hokies.

Brewer was a three-star pro-style quarterback coming out of high school, but 24/7 now lists him as a dual-threat quarterback.

Brewer was seen as the quarterback-in-waiting heading into fall camp, but senior and career-backup Mark Leal played well enough to make it a bit of a competition.

Here's a video on Brewer from his time at Tech:

Source: @McMurphyESPN

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I look forward to him getting acquainted with Michael, Joey, and Adolphus

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Brewer Biites are one of Bosa's favorite snacks.

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Nice hair Beiber.

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Watched the entire video and took two things from it..

1. The Big XII has hostile enviroments?
2. The one highlight where he passed gets intercepted 99/100. Luckily for him that DB must have thought the ball was going 20 yards further.

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I have commented twice already on threads this year saying Brewer would start. This kid is good, played unreal in HS but was too short for UT . His predecessor in HS Garrett Gilbert was Gatorade player of the year and a 5 star and another reason UT overlooked Brewer. The kid can run and pass and was supposed to start last year after Doege left but hurt his back. Too many Bucks fans are overlooking this game.

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don't sweat it. the mouthbreather contigent are typically the lionsshare of the posts here. between the tough-guy bieber comments and the unbridled, unabashed displays of homerism there's little room for realistic, objective #hottakes from the masses in the comments area.

bottom line:  good player. tough team. solid talent. should be a good game. does not equal autowin. dunno where that fucking rumor got started.


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Agreed.  With as many question marks that we have on each side of the ball (star rating not equal to on field performance assumption here), I think we're going to have our hands full with our OOC games.  Having such a young team puts us prone to mistakes and the teams we're playing are good enough to beat us if we provide them the opportunities.

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are his 2 threats guitar riffs and still pictures? 

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You can't overlook any team, I'm sure this kid is a good player...you don't get recruited if you suck

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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I like our chances, but on any given day . . .

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I hope his QB play is as awesome as his haircut.

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