Three-Star OL James Daniels Picks Iowa over Ohio State and Alabama

By DJ Byrnes on July 31, 2014 at 11:38a

Here's a sentence I don't type every day: Iowa has beaten Ohio State and Alabama for the services of three-star OL recruit, James Daniels.

Daniels, a Warren, Ohio, native and Buckeye legacy, pledged to Iowa today, where he will join his brother, running back LeShun Daniels.

While Ohio State could've used the help at offensive line, it's not a devastating blow. I'd much rather see an Ohio kid play for Iowa than head to the SEC.

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I feel like keeping Hilliard from joining his brother keeps us ahead of the game, so I'm fine with this, best to him though.

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Totally agree !! No B1G kid with any knowledge of the past or present, should ever choose to play for one of the pseudo schools of the sec over playing for one of the fine academic institutions of the B1G. I wish the young man well.

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And frankly, as a 3 star lineman, he's looking at increasing his NFL chances.  How many 3 stars has Ferentz put into the NFL throughout his career? He might not be the greatest coach, but he and his staff are very good developers of talent.

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Good pick for him. He should have a great chance to be a starter at Iowa.

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But not at OSU or Bama had he chosen either of them?

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Not as likely. I'm all about these kids getting to play. Most recruits that come through OSU don't end up as starters, and that's okay. I bet the reason he chose Iowa was for playing time, and I can't be angry about that.

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Hard not to root for Ohio kids.  Best of luck big man.

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Anyone turning down Alabama can't be all bad

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OSU was the middle hat. Curse of death. #hatscience

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Some parents just aren't raising their kids right...  I'm kidding of course, best of luck to the young man at Iowa City.  My son is 4 and has said for the past year he's going to be a "buckeye" someday.

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Iowa isn't a bad choice for an offensive lineman who needs to be developed a bit. At least it wasn't TSUN or Bama.

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Right conference - wrong school

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Meh. Bring on the players arriving at the WHAC. Now that's a story!

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Never really liked the "picking of the hat" thing.  It does lend itself to some pretty good moments though ..

All things considered, I wish the kid the best.

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I can't stop watching this.

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