Names West Vest Virginia Safety Karl Joseph as College Football's Hardest Hitter

By DJ Byrnes on June 30, 2014 at 11:15a
18 Comments continued their 14 for '14 series today, and the topic was "hardest hitters in college football." Unsurprisingly, no Silver Bullets made the list.

Here's the top five, in reverse order:

  • FS Landon Collins, Alabama
  • LB Nico Marley, Tulane
  • FS Cody Prewitt, Ole Miss
  • LB Denzel Perryman, Miami (FL)

And the number one pick:

FS Karl Joseph, West Virginia
Particulars: 5-10, 196, junior.

Buzz: He is better in run support than he is in coverage -- maybe not the best thing if you're a free safety -- but opposing receivers must make sure they know where he is because, man, Joseph hits a ton. Quite simply, he's a tough guy who loves to deliver a big hit. He lacks consistency as a coverage guy and frequently spends too much time looking for the big hit -- but did we mention that Joseph hits a ton?

Karl Joseph did escape murder charges down in Texas once upon a time, so I'm not here to argue with his crown.


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This one is better:


I'm just a poo gas huffin' toilet snorkeler at heart....

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Let's talk about an all-time list, shall we?


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He didn't kill a man, all he did was paralyze him and never apologize (not a knock, just a fact).

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Darryl Stingley.

My mother had reservations about me going out for football because of what happened to him, she overhead the story from one of the card table discussions of my father and uncles likely.

According to his Wikipedia entry, Stingley had lowered his helmet into Tatum's shoulder pad on a crossing route. The write-up goes on to say Tatum and Stingley never reconciled, just unfortunate altogether.

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I heard they reconciled, but it was more like Tatum said "sucks to be paralyzed" and Stingley said "yup." The end.

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The Assassin!

Wherever you are, there you be!

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In no particular order.

Jack Tatum

Marcus Marek

Antoine Winfield

Terry White

Mike Doss

Chris Spielman

Andy Katzenmoyer

Alonso Spellman

A.J. Hawk

Will Smith

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I'll add one for you. Cannot forget this dude

Donte Whitner

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Excellent addition to the list Max!

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Damon Moore could hit. 

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Didn't Terry White knock himself out hitting a guy so hard in the endzone once?

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Yes he did. Not many people remember him because he ended his career at WVU. 

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Don't count Brian Rolle out. I remember he had one of the hardest hits I've ever seen while he was on ST's


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Hits like that are what is killing football. I know we all like a bone crushing hit, but Joseph just runs in like a torpedo and just tries to hit as hard as possible without wrapping up or anything. As a coach, the flaws kill me but as a human hits like that scare me for both parties.

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Still get urked bout the Roby hit - man that was awful - shoulder to shoulder does not equal targeting IMO.

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Don't be catching passes over the middle if you don't want to feel it. 

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Ya'll are forgetting two of my favorite hard hitters Matt Wilhelm and Ryan Shazier!!!

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