SEC Coaches Are Furious with James Franklin for Bending NCAA Rules

By DJ Byrnes on May 29, 2014 at 10:47a

The SEC used lax interpretation of ambiguous NCAA rules to build a dynasty that stretched seven seasons. Despite Florida State winning the 2014 BCS title game, the SEC is widely regarded as the most cut-throat league in the country, for reasons pertaining to things on and off the field.

James Franklin used to belong to that fraternity, before he pulled up his anchor and headed off to Happy Valley. Franklin, like Urban Meyer before him, pledged recruiting would be his No. 1 priority as head coach. He's made it clear he plans to own Pennsylvania and the northeast.

But it appears he also has a unique way of scouting talent in SEC hotbeds. NCAA rules state coaches can't run camps more than 50 miles from their campuses, but they do allow "guest coaching" at camps run by other programs. As such, Franklin and his staff will be coaching at camps in Georgia and Florida — two SEC hotbeds — this summer.

Naturally, the SEC coaches are furious, because SEC rules ban even "satellite camps" 50 miles from respective campuses. 

From ESPN:

"It continues to be more of an issue," Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said.


"I wish it was a national rule," [Ole Miss coach Hugh] Freeze said. "I don't particularly want another school in a BCS conference coming into our state and running a camp. So we would like to see our rule be a national rule. I'd love to see it be the same."


"I think [the SEC's rule is] a rule that makes sense," [Mississippi State coach Dan] Mullen said. "If you're going to have a football camp ... I don't know how Penn State relates to Georgia State football camp, but for us, I think our league [rule] will make sense."

I take back everything negative I've ever said or written about James Franklin. If he is riling up people like Mark Stoops and Dan Mullen and making the SEC cry foul, then by golly, he's alright in my book.


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"Don't figure out ways to take kids from our area," says coach who takes half his class from Ohio.

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It seems to me that if everyone has to follow the internal SEC rule about camps, shouldn't everyone be required to follow the internal SEC rules concerning oversigning, one year scholarships and medical hardships also?

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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They didn't want a national rule when it came to oversigning.  Hell, they just a few weeks ago balked at going to a 9-game conference schedule which every other conference is adopting.  Now they cry foul.  Pathetic.

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" NCAA rules state coaches can't run camps more than 50 miles from their campuses, but it says nothing about "guest coaching" at programs run by other programs. "

Actually, the rules absolutely discuss being guest coaches at other camps.  And it's explicitly permitted.  Note that "noninstitutional" used below refers to "not the institution you work for" Noninstitutional, Privately Owned Camps/Clinics—Bowl Subdivision Football.
[FBS] In bowl subdivision football, an institution’s coach or noncoaching staff member with responsibilities
specific to football may be employed (either on a salaried or volunteer basis) in any capacity (e.g.,
counselor, guest lecturer, consultant) in a noninstitutional, privately owned camp or clinic at any location,
provided the camp or clinic is operated in accordance with restrictions applicable to an institutional camp
or clinic (e.g., open to any and all entrants, no free or reduced admission to or employment of athletics
award winners).

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How could I forget rule No clue why this is getting described as a "loophole" then. 

Thanks for the heads up, I'll fix it.

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It's no big deal.  The mainstream media isn't mentioning this rule, either.  They're just running with the SEC comments crying about it.

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Rules?!?! We don't read rules! (Mostly because our fans can't read anyway.)

All we know is that we don't want you to the recruit the South! They're in SEC Country!


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Well done. I personally LOVE Franklin's aggression, especially the middle-finger to the SEC "rules" and cry babies. Yes, he'll be a thorn for us recruiting, but more of this flaming the SEC and he's golden in my book. Rittenberg tore the SEC apart with an article of his own today regarding this.

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Your opinion will be accepted until Penn State beats Ohio State for the first time in Franklin's era. Then the gloves will be

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That isn't happening this year, that I know.

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I'm mildly pissed that our coaching staff isn't already doing this every year

Yeti's have feelings too.

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why should we? Nike does it for us :)

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Notre Dame is doing the same thing.

Lol all that bragging about how superior the athletes are down there got them exactly what is coming to them.

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You go and do that, Commissioner Slive. March yourself to Indianapolis.

LOL, like anyone in the SEC is making it to the Midwest any time soon.

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LOL at the SEC whining about rules.  I'd guest coach at a camp in every single SEC state if I were Franklin.  Let the butthurt flow through them and then intoxicate them.

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The double post and I didn't even notice it until just now. 

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SEC coaches complaining about this is akin to Ted Bundy judging Jeffery Dahmer for preferring male victims in lieu of women.

You're missing the point, SEC.

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Wah, cry me a river, SEC. You'll find sympathy between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.

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