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By 11W Staff on March 7, 2014 at 10:34a
God's Conference
Ramzy went on Bama Sports Radio for the Gettin' Chippy podcast. Topics included:
  • Ohio State & Alabama's 2013 seasons: Disasters?
  • Raekwon McMilllan
  • Cincinnati vs. the rest of Ohio
  • Rutgers and Maryland: Yay?
  • BTN: Do B1G fans like it? Will we (the hosts) like the SEC Network?
  • Ohio State's 2014 prospects
  • How do we feel about Urban hiring "Bret Bielema protege Chris Ash?"

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Interesting take by Ramzy on last year's defensive coaches being screamers and trying to use that motivate as opposed to our coaches under Tressel that were more "technicians" and concentrating on fundamentals

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I would have guessed Ramzy would sound differently. I enjoyed the interview a lot. I would love to see 11W do a weekly radio show similar to Bucknuts Radio. It's great to listen as a podcast while driving and I know Ramzy's insight would be pretty awesome in a "radio show" format. Something to think about guys! 

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High and tight boo boo

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Actually, I didn't. Thank you. I'm checking it out now. 

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Always imagined his voice being a cross between Ben Kingsley and Steven Seagal...




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I expected James Earl Jones.

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I was thinking Edward G. Robinson.

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Beth Mo.....Nah..Never mind !!!

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I would have said Jackie Chan, but we don't stereotype here.

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LMFAO describing Brady Hoke 'like Ed Orgeron on vicodin with a western Ohio accent' = Priceless

Football is complicated...

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Except this^^ was mentioned about 6 times too few.  Shame

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"SEC quality shaddy," at least they know. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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This was an absolutely enjoyable listen. You never disappoint, Ramzy, when you head to another team's podcast/broadcast.

I love hearing the hate for Bert extends far beyond us. At least it's nice to hear that more than just us can't stand this guy.

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When I saw how long it was I thought no way am I going to listen to the whole thing, but it was so interesting I did.

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Good stuff Ramzy.

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Some real Gems from this show by Ramzy. (And before I get shit for it, I am paraphrasing as I didn't think to write it down while listening):

On Cincinnati vs Ohio State: "Soutern Ohio doesn't think much of the rest of the state"

On Cincinnati's team: "I forgot that he (Tubby) was the coach until you mentioned it.  I thought Minter was still the coach".

On playing Navy: "If our knees are still intact... what do you expect after 60 minutes of cut blocking"

On Bret Bilema: "He's like the pig faced son, you wonder how he turned out that way."

On Brady Hoke: "Ed Orgeron on Vicodin, with a southern Ohio accent" and "...and not with a loss in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl".

                              ^ Edit: didn't see Inverts mention of this Ogeron one earlier, sorry.

I want to say that this was a great interview. It shows that minus the rabid and average fans, and the intellectual midgets, that Alabama has some seriously smart and funny football individuals running the shows and blogs similar to 11W (I will not extend that to all of the SEC). It showed that in the great scheme of things, we can all talk football without trash due to the commonalities that exist around this sport we love (and at times hate).

And additionally, Thanks Ramzy for representing 11W, the B1G and OSU in such a stellar way.

Go Bucks!

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After several late night attempts to say exactly the same things, I'll just send you the upvote lol.

Props to Ramzy, normally I do not listen to podcasts, but this one was definitely awesome. Class act!


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Thanks BS2 (no offense), lol.  Gave you an upvote in return for the props.

Go Bucks!

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Pretty solid piece, good representation.

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