Vanderbilt's Derek Mason: "We'll Play [Penn State] Any Time and Place, Anywhere."

By DJ Byrnes on February 24, 2014 at 1:12p

While James Franklin was at Vanderbilt, he backed out of games against Northwestern and Ohio State via letters sent through the United States Postal Service

Derek Mason, the new frontman at Vanderbilt, doesn't seem to be that type of guy. He has a simple message for the man he replaced:

The Postman won't be able to save Franklin from annual dates with Ohio State now that he's at Penn State, but a Penn State-Vanderbilt rivalry would be as hilarious as it would be delicious. Hopefully this happens sometime in the near future. 

Source: @SECNetwork

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Mason is talking a good game, but honestly, from living in the Nashville area for a while now, it's clear to me what Vandy's scheduling philosophy is (and has been). They will schedule 4 non-conference games they feel they can win and then hope to steal 2 conference wins to get bowl eligible. I don't see this changing. 

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Little risk for Derek Mason, as schedules likely won't even allow an opportunity to play each other for a few years, while the Vandy faithful have to like the attitude. 

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