Anthony McKee Recaps Weekend Visit to Ohio State

By John Brandon on March 25, 2014 at 6:28p

Anthony McKee, one of the top outside linebackers in Ohio and in the country, visited Ohio State this weekend. He got a chance to watch practice and came away impressed with the defense. "[The practice] was really good for the defense, love how they stay hyped. I'm a defense guy and the defense was looking good," McKee told 11W. Certainly something Buckeye fans enjoy hearing.

McKee had a good time talking with his primary recruiter, Luke Fickell, and also got to know some of the other coaches better. 

While McKee had been to Ohio State several times, this visit was pretty special. "It felt good to go to a program like that and they know who you are before you speak. It let's you know something," McKee said.

The Buckeyes aren't the only big time program that knows about McKee, several of the other big boys are starting to take notice of the 247Composite 4-star. McKee says he's recently been talking with Florida State and Alabama, and he hears from Wisconsin, Syracuse, USC and the Crimson Tide the most. With 16 offers already, including those from the likes of Michigan State, Tennessee, Kentucky and Arkansas, it seems like only a matter of time before McKee explodes even further onto the national stage.

So why hasn't Ohio State offered the 4-star from Columbus who plays a position of need? Could an offer be coming? "I was wondering too," said McKee.

"They said I am solid - keep doing what I am doing... but with that being said I am going to keep getting better for my game and keep going hard because thats what I do. Hard work will never stop - all out all year," he said.

Up next for McKee is visits to Michigan State, Pitt and Tennessee, and possibly others this spring and summer.



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Lots to read tonight, thanks!

side note, you say Alabama and the Crimson Tide

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OSU seems to lead for Jerome Baker, Nick Conner, and possibly Sh'mar Kilby-Lane, and will fight until the end for Justin Hilliard.  That's four linebackers, and with the first three likely to commit before their senior seasons, it's hard to see McKee getting an offer soon.  Too bad, because he seems like just the kind of guy who will end up excelling at a place like MSU.

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Nick Conner doesn't hold an OSU offer either. I'd say the staff is waiting on Baker, Hilliard, Kilby-Lane, and Deberry before they make a decision on Conner and McKee. 

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Agreed - Hilliard the wildcard in the group.

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I still hope he gets offered. i tend to root for the city league kids more than any others because I played city league football in HS here in Columbus, I know how hard it is to get offers from top notch programs, not because I was that good, but because plenty of guys I played with were that good but got overlooked.This is the kind of kid that will go to another school and light it up just to stick it to the Buckeyes because he was never offered. It sucks we can't take em all lol


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So I'm relatively new to recruiting, can someone explain why we always seem to offer Ohio kids later than out of state prospects? Why wait?

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They wait because Meyer is going after the best, regardless of state. For the top 150 guys, typically you have to be patient and it's a dogfight until the end for them. If they offered the Ohio and local guys, they'll commit and fill the spots up well before the elite guys make their decisions.

My guess is that the staff thinks they can offer late and make up ground quickly because these guys are Ohio players and most of them grew up fans of tOSU.

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Because some of the times the in-state guys are not rated as high on the Ohio State board, and because when you offer the in-state guys, they'll likely commit on the spot or close to it, effectively taking you out of the running for the guys higher on your board.

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We don't know all the intangibles about McKee, possibly its a grade issue thing. From what I understand, he's a 4-star from our backyard. I personally would take him OVER Hilliard.

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 I personally would take him OVER Hilliard.

While you're entitled to your opinion and I certainly respect it, you're definitely alone in that particular belief. The issue with McKee is that he's a bit of a 'tweener and Ohio State doesn't have him as high on their board as they do Baker, Hilliard, and Nick Conner.

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Brim I totally agree with you, I think we take Hilliard over him any day and thats not a knock on McKee. I think McKee is definitely a tweener. He is an OLB in highschool but I find it hard to believe he could play OLB in least not right away. He is awful light in the a$$...I dont think he is even 200lbs. But with the help of coach Mick I am certain he could get there (see RDS). I am on the fence on whether we offer or not. He is a 4* from our backyard who loves the Bucks. Lucky for me I dont make any decisions :)

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I really like Baker for sure because he's an Ohio guy who could also be used at RB. As far as McKee goes, look at Shazier's size in HS and what he accomplished in college.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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He's a little light to be playing outside backer at OSU, but he can always add weight with Mariotti.  I'm hoping for 2015 LBs we get a couple of top tier guys like Hilliard and Baker while mixing in a couple of locals like Conner and maybe even this guy.  I don't want us missing on another local kid only to see him dominate somewhere else.

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I have seen McKee play, and he is legit. That being said, I have not seen the others mentioned above, so I can't compare. Regardless, I trust UFB to get the best. Hopefully McKee gets an offer at some point because we need to keep 614 kids home when we can. And I may be a little biased as a City League alum.

Go Bucks!

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Personally, I'd like to see McKee in the STAR role or something like we'll see from Darron Lee this year (linebacker/strong safety hybrid). Maybe a bit under-sized, but has the quicks and instincts. He could be a really good college linebacker when he fills out too. Also, those are his sophomore highlights above, and he's certainly improved further since. I don't think an offer is out of the question, as Ohio State continues to show a bit of interest in him, but we'll have to see how the other LB recruitments shake out.