Mick Cronin, Cincinnati Agree to New, Seven-Year Deal

By DJ Byrnes on June 23, 2014 at 11:49a

When Mick Cronin was hired in 2006, Cincinnati finished the season with 11 wins. Last year, the Bearcats finished with 27.

That kind of turnaround, at a winning percentage clip a hair above 60%, has earned Cronin another seven years at the helm.

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I always liked Mick Cronin, but his comments after the brawl made me a UC basketball fan.

Good to see that the second best coach in Ohio is getting his due.

Our Honor Defend!

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He reminds me of a leprechaun. 

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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UC basketball was an absolute train-wreck when Mick agreed to take the job (the former UC prez who fired Huggins basically self-imposed a death penalty on the program).  I would consider the state of the program as bad (or worse) as when Randy Ayers left Ohio State.

Mick has had multiple offers from the BCS power conferences to leave UC and he's stayed loyal to his school.  I admire his loyalty, but with what he still has had to deal with through the revitalization of UC basketball (conference realignment, horrible facilities, traveling commercial to recruit, a bitter divorce, etc), it's amazing that he continues to stick around.  Good for him though to get paid.  If any basketball coach deserves a raise, it's Mick Cronin.

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Meh, Mick Cronin has hit his ceiling in my opinion.  He fields a poor man version of Thad's squads built on defense and one exceptional scorer.  There is a reason why Harvard was favored by Vegas as soon as the brackets were announced.  Until CIn trounces UL at every meeting or they move to the Big 12 I will not be impressed by any regular season record Cronin achieves  

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