Shaka Smart Is Still Super Cool

By Johnny Ginter on March 2, 2013 at 7:42p

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Maybe the coolest name in the game, but I'll take Matta.

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Shaka gets more out of his players. Matta can recruit and gets his 20 wins, but his most talented teams have underachieved.

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Matta made Conley the #4 pick in the draft after his freshman year. Matta's been to 2 final fours. Matta got BJ & Kosta to the NBA. Matta has won 20+ games every year. Matta wins the BIG season or tourney more often than not. Only Duke, UK, Syracuse, UNC, MSU and maybe Kansas have better coaches. Let's enjoy the fact that we have a top 10 coach and program. VCU is a cute story, but would lose most games vs Matta teams.

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You can only underachieve by going to 2 final fours in 8 years if you do something incredible with the program to the point where expectations are completely unrealistic.  The NCAA tournament is a crapshoot.  You just try to give yourself the best seed you can so you get better matchups but anyone can lose to anyone on a neutral court.  Losing a couple sweet sixteen games doesn't imply "underachieving" when it is offset by going to the championship game and final four.  The prohibitive favorite only wins it all at most once every few years and Matta has had that team once and got unlucky imo.

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Arguably Matta's 2 most talented teams went to the Final 4 and the most talented went to the championship game. Your argument is invalid.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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Cool move. Stolen from ADV delivering food to Mattaritaville, but cool nonetheless. 

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

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Down to earth as hell. Turned down $2.5M too to go to Illinois.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

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I would take 1.2 million to coach at VCU rather than go to Illinois for 2.5. Illinois isn't an elite job and it comes with elite expectations.

gwalther's picture aren't hurting with 1.2 mill....

Class of 2008

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A lot cooler though to say you tuned down 1.2 rather than take 1.2. He'll get his, and will be something a lot better than Illinois. 

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Not sure about that. If you recruit Chicago, the suburbs, and Peoria very well and then go outside for a few kids, you could do very, very well on a consistent basis in Champaign. Definitely a basketball school, though "elite" may be stretching it, but a great job nonetheless.

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I wouldn't say he's choosing VCU over Illinois as much as he is choosing VCU + the option to coach somewhere better than Illinois when such a huge job opens up.  

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Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis within 4 hours of your campus (Illinois) you should be able to field a pretty darn good team each year.

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Yep, Texas and Illinois are two very underachieving college basketball programs given their location and resources.

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No doubt. Illinois is also the biggest football underachiever in the Big 10, as well. 

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I hope we get him or stevens when matta is done, but I think they will have already been snatched up by a bigger school by then. I do like that we were the first school to hire Greg Paulus. I think he could one day be a successful coach after playing for coach k and assisting with matta

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with butler moving up to the Big East i don't see Stevens moving at all.

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that could happen too

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Stevens has a good gig that just keeps getting better.  They've gone from the Horizon league to A-10, to the new Big East.  I think if he didn't leave after 2010 and 2011 with the back to back title game trips, he probably won't leave for a while.  He could end up like Few at Gonzaga. 
I also think, with some bigger top 10 all time wins programs probably having openings in the next 5 or 6 years, he may end up with much better job offers.  Stevens would be great no doubt, but I don't think Ohio State will be a destination for him. 

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I like Shaka, but they should've given out pizza instead of Papa John's. I order that stuff Friday for our kids and babysitter while we went to a movie. It was horrible!
If Thad leaves anytime soon, it will be Chris Jent's team.

D. Anthony

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brad stevens and shaka smart are the two best coaches in the ncaa

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

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I went to Butler for undergrad and OSU for grad school.  I can say with confidence that Stevens isn't going anywhere.  They have two young children and all of the grandparents live in Indianapolis.  His wife has made it clear that she has no intentions of uprooting. Stevens is phenomenal at gameplanning and the best in the country at getting the cohesiveness neccessary for a team...but he can't recruit like Matta.  I'm so tired of Matta not getting the respect he deserves from OSU fans.  I don't think people realize how spoiled we are with him.  Stevens or Shaka wouldn't be an upgrade from Matta.  All three are upper, upper echelon coaching talents