B1G or SEC: Who Will Win the Realignment War?

By Ramzy Nasrallah on February 15, 2013 at 3:03p

MrSEC.com has a great breakdown of some of the Big Ten's advantages heading into conference realignment wars with the SEC:

If Slive and Delany wind up pitching the same schools in the ACC, Slive had better hope geography and travel expenses rank higher on those schools’ lists than academic clout.  While the SEC is not the joke it’s often made out to be — the league currently has four AAU schools, one more than the Big XII, just one less than the ACC — it isn’t the Big Ten. 

Only four SEC schools have endowments larger than $1 billion (Florida, Missouri, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt).  The league’s own SEC Academic Consortium is growing, but it was just launched in 2005.  Big Ten schools have been working together in the CIC since 1958.

One league is climbing.  The other has already arrived.



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Delaney looks like an arch-villain...

Tom Crean listens to Nickelback...

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You just don't recognize Magneto without his helmet...

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Like Uncle Leo on Seinfeld when he burnt his eyebrows off. 

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If most old people get crow's feet, it looks like Delaney has Eagle's Talons.

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I read this early today from a twitter link.  I think the author is absolutely right.  B1G will win the TV money and academics side of it, but the SEC isn't going anywhere football wise.  It will be pretty amazing to add UNC and Kansas to basketball though. 
I don't neccessarily think the SEC is all that concerned about it either though.  From a competitive standpoint, they don't need to add a bunch of teams to strengthen the conference.  Although, Va Tech will be a nice addition for them.  NC State though doesn't really hurt the conference.

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Expansion has nothing to do with competition. It is about the TV money and the big reseach dollars the CIC pulls in. If the SEC goes head to head with the B1G the B1G would win unless the schools president is soley concerned about region which would be a bad deciding factor imo. 

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I think it should have a little to do with competition. Even the NY/DC market isn't going to make watching Maryland v.s. Illinois or Rutgers v.s. Minnesota a priority compared to Virginia Tech v.s. almost anyone in the SEC.  Expanding the TV market is great, but people need something good to watch.  The only problem I can forcast for the SEC would be having too many good football programs, and actually hurting them.... someone has to lose. Every conference has a few doormats, expanding means someone will go from mediocre to bad, thus slowly killing the fanbase and attendance.

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the counter to that is, it doesn't really matter who is watching, as long as BTN is part of their cable subscription.  But i do agree that competition needs to be taken into account.

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I don't really think they are in opposition of eachother here though.  That's the one thing this article and everyone else think.  Honestly, the B1G is working with the SEC to destabalize the ACC, and Big 12 really.  There's no reason they can't both win.  Big 10 will get UNC and UVA eventually.  SEC will take NC State and Va Tech and be happy.  They'll add a couple nice institutions doing that, and both conference get into growing states.  The two conferences poaching those 2 states lead to both having the opportunity to land other schools that each want. In the end, destroying the ACC is good for both conferences. 
I've been saying for a while, the SEC and B1G aren't really foes here.  They can both work together and get what they want at the end of the day.  

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Yup. This is all about removing a BCS conference so they don't have to split money 5 ways. Get rid of the ACC and only the PAC, B1G, B12, and SEC are at the table when it comes time to slice the pie.

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Hatchet photoshop job, but I only spent 2 minutes on it.

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I'm impressed with it. What took you 2 mins would take me 3hrs.
The bigwigs behind the scenes always make it look like they are enemies when really they are holding hands, laughing, and skipping all the way to the bank together. This would make a great fractured fairytale.

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I really don't know how to define "winning" the realignment war.  If we're defining it by money and academics, then the B1G has already won, and there is very little the SEC or anyone else can do about that.  If winning championships (any sport) is what wins, then the Pac-12 is probably far and away your top dog.  If it's just football titles, then yeah the SEC has this right now.
What will be interesting is if they're going to be able to attract schools that have absolutely no interest in spending what the SEC schools spend on their football coahing staffs.  I doubt that Kansas and UNC are going to start shelling out $3.5 Million on a head coach for football.  The SEC is expanding to get into TV markets, but that doesn't change the fact that the way that conference does things hinges on the competitiveness of the football programs, and that alone.  Maybe that's chump change to these guys, I guess we'll see.

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Is that you Bucksfan? I almost didn't recognize you with your new avatar!

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. . .which I was thinking looked pretty frigging cool.

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I hardly recognize myself.

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Anybody else hear coach K on ESPN radio in his whiny, bitchy voice cry about how  Maryland doesn't 'care' about the rivalry with Duke anymore because they're going to the Big-10?  Wait till he hears about UNC's upcoming move to the B1G!  The Big East is finished, the ACC is finished and (maybe) the Big-12 is finished. At least the Big East can keep a Catholic Core and stay relevant in B-ball. Whats a team like Duke gonna do? Nobody wants them for football. Sorry coach K, looks like you'll have to find a new rival in the Sunbelt, CUSA, or Mountain West. Hahahahahahahahhahaha!

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