A Collection of Woody Hayes GIFs

By Jason Priestas on February 14, 2013 at 6:38a

The internet needed more Woody Hayes GIFs. You're welcome.









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bucknasty13's picture

What?  No video of a turtle biting his junk??

beserkr29's picture

They probably couldn't get a release from the turtle's people.  Privacy laws are such a hindrance, sometimes.

+1 HS
Grant Edgell's picture

...just carrying a telephone around on the sideline. You know - a normal Saturday.

DJRoss926's picture

It's a little known fact but Woody also had a direct line to the Kremlin during the Cold War.

Alhan's picture

Heh, warning cell phone users!  These are worth the data usage however :-)

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gosolow2000's picture

Boy, #58 there doesn't look to happy about being sent into the game.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

I'm guessing he is getting kicked out of practice....

Jugdish's picture

I believe that is one of two players kicked off the practice field for fighting. Woody didn't put up with any sh!t. I guess he wanted his players just as restrained as he was. /s

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AndyVance's picture

To which Woody replied, "Get your ass back in there!"

bodast67's picture

He probably had a compound fracture in his arm and Woody just said "Suck it up and get back in there !"




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causeicouldntgo43's picture

I've never seen a head coach toss a sideline marker with such style and panache. Jimmy Harbaugh - take note

GoBucks713's picture

throwing a sideline marker>throwing a chair

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And the thing is, Bobby Knight was very close to coaching here; could you imagine?

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GoBucks713's picture

This city would have exploded from the awesome!

-The Aristocrats!

painterlad's picture

Can you imagine the endless gold mine if Woody had twitter back then?

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Dougger's picture

that's a damn good salute. and I salute you Sir

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thetothmancometh's picture

Dammit Woody was awesome.

45has2's picture

Gif #1. THAT should have been the statue. As former UM AD Don Canham said:"I'll buy all the yard markers Woody wants to tear up because he puts another 30,000 fans in the seats."

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

Doc's picture

Woody was always good for some sort of reaction, be it good or bad.

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osubuckeye4life's picture

Woody will always be a legend at tOSU. The man was beloved by his players. He was a tough as nails coach with an absolutely relentless work ethic.
Based on what I have read and heard in interviews about him he would give the shirt off his back for any of his players. In fact, he got in trouble for giving some money to players that needed the money.
Tom Skladany, 3 time AA punter. Skladany has said he was known as "the punter", by "The Woods" until he became an All-American. Skladany has talked about how twice a week "The Woods" would walk the halls with a few of his players (chosen randomly) with footballs, jerseys, etc for kids at Children's Hospital.
Just one example of the great things Hayes did for the community.
He was not perfect but he has always been a man I will always admire.