Ron Jaworski Rips Saban

By Jason Priestas on December 15, 2012 at 12:53a

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Jaws is a solid guy, and he is right on target with everything he said in this article. But i would not be upset if Nick Saban left the college ranks.

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Please Nick Satan - go to the pros, preferrably Oakland......

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Eh, I just can't hate on Nick. The dude plays the college game better than anyone else. He skirts the fine line between catering to the Bama die hards who love their tradition and uses that to sell kids on his school as a stepping stone to the ultimate goal-the NFL. Much like Callipari at UK, Saban is playing Chess each year while most other coaches are playing checkers.

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That makes him a perfect fit in the SEC.  His formula doesn't work in the NFL.

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Ever since Saban spent one season at the U of Toledo and then left for Michigan State, I thought the dude was a snake. He plays players and fanbases for fools. And they mostly are.
I can remember distinctly when he was at LSU and I so remember the fans there spouting, "Saban will never leave LSU like he did MSU. He's got everything he needs here. Warm weather, good recruiting base, skinny girls, etc."
Saban is a master at turning around programs because of his past reputation for doing so. Once he does it, he moves on before the glory and shine wears off.
Don't bet against Saban leaving for the NFL, again. I know it is a thorn in his side.
My question is: why is Jaworski making this comment now? Saban's been at Bama for a while now.



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I heart you Jaws. 

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Most media members don't like Saban. They just kiss his butt because he's successful and in the SEEEEECEEEEE

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.