December 24, 2012 at 6:17a    by Jason Priestas    
Despite saying Terrelle Pryor would see more action, Carson Palmer was knocked out of the game and TP came in on just three plays. He did haul in a 22-yard reception, Oakland's offensive high point of the day, however. (


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I really want to see Pryor in action as a starting QB. I doubt it comes next year, or if it all, but let the kid play. He's got a lot of raw talent and it's just fun to reminisce when he's escaping pressure from the pocket. 

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I was disappointed when Leinart came in, but he went 6/7 on his first two drives, the second of which was a 73-yard drive. Then Leinart realized who he was and went 10/25 for the rest of the game.
That being said, Dennis Allen has made it clear that Matt Leinart is the #2 backup and Pryor won't see the field except for a few, select plays in the final game against the Chargers.