By Jason Priestas on December 24, 2012 at 6:17a
Despite saying Terrelle Pryor would see more action, Carson Palmer was knocked out of the game and TP came in on just three plays. He did haul in a 22-yard reception, Oakland's offensive high point of the day, however. (

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Ian Cuevas's picture

I really want to see Pryor in action as a starting QB. I doubt it comes next year, or if it all, but let the kid play. He's got a lot of raw talent and it's just fun to reminisce when he's escaping pressure from the pocket. 

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I was disappointed when Leinart came in, but he went 6/7 on his first two drives, the second of which was a 73-yard drive. Then Leinart realized who he was and went 10/25 for the rest of the game.
That being said, Dennis Allen has made it clear that Matt Leinart is the #2 backup and Pryor won't see the field except for a few, select plays in the final game against the Chargers.