Everett Withers Interviewing at Southern Miss

By Kyle Rowland on December 7, 2012 at 9:17a

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As Meyer said last month, "The one negative thing about success and hiring good coaches is that they're hot items. If I had five guys that people never call me and want to hire them, that means I've probably got bad coaches. I had a turnstile down at Florida of guys leaving, going to become head coaches." This is going to happen more and more as the years go on at OSU unfortunately. 

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be nice to replace him with a firey DC who loves to blitz

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What's Dick Lebeau doing these days

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Hanging with Monte Kiffin.

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D Coordinator for the #1 team in the NFL in total defense at the moment.

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Yeah...LeBeau doesn't seem to be having much trouble with the defense at his current job.

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Would be big loss for us.  Withers' recruiting skills are second to only Meyer on the staff, and he's been the key to NC recruits for us.

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Apparently, Fedora's old OC at Southern Miss (and current OC at UNC) is interviewing, as well; it seems like he's their top choice.  Gotta think the thought of him bringing back Fedora's system (that dominated while he was there) is a pretty nice thought for the AD there.

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That's good to hear.  I'd really like to keep the current coaching staff in place for the 2013 season.  I expect we'll lose Herman and Withers after next season, especially if we play for the MNC.

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If Withers leaves, does that mean the cover 4 leaves with him? Especially if Coombs were to leave for Cincy? Assuming Fickell stays, are we back to being a primarily cover 3 team?

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Well if Withers gets the job, the expectations probably aren't very high there. The guy he'd be replacing won ZERO games this year and was fired after one season. Going into a job where anything better than ZERO is an improvement seems doable. 

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I would think their expectations would be based on Fedora's 2011 season when then went 12-2.


They should hire Brett Favre

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It's just an interview...I don't even get excited anymore for those in my personal life...sure not going to over an "expected interview" from one of OSU's assistants.  When we see something that he's in the final running...then we should worry...I guess.  Not sure coaching turn over on Defensive side of the ball will make much of a difference.

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I want credit for calling that either he or fick would be first to move up bc of the co DC issue! Back when the fire fick nuts were yapping...those guys are both going to get HC opps soon!