Alvarez: B1G Added to Avoid Losing PSU

By Jason Priestas on December 7, 2012 at 4:08p

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Eastern crybabies. Maybe if they don't get a holding call in Columbus next year, the Big Ten will add UConn.

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How does a school that just got sanctioneed back to the stone age get so much leverage?

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Boy, you said it!

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The B1G will need a couple more cupcakes for Penn St. to beat for the next ten years in order to keep the world from finding out it's own ghastly secrets.That it is a zombie football konFerentz.We need to get out while we still have some worth.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Since when does PSU drive the bus?
I'm sure it was a nice bonus to be able to console the Ronery Rions, but this move was all about expanding into to the DC/Balt/NVa/NYC/NJ TV markets and recruiting grounds.

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This isn't news so much, aside from the fact that Alvarez connected the dots on info we already knew. Delaney mentioned at the onset concerns of the B1G getting "outflanked" on the Eastern frontier.
The big rationale behind the move is still the TV markets and the viewers/fans/voters on the eastern seaboard. Penn State may have been an "oh, by the way" consideration, but them leaving the B1G's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to strengthen rivalries with ACC schools would qualify as the most asinine move in conference move history (yes, bigger than adding Maryland).

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Damn. Shoulda let PSU go.

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There are certain comments & opinions that deserve multiple up votes!

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I wanted to let go of PSU when everything about what happened broke. It's good to see that others thought the same.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Woody Hayes

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Hammer meet nail.  Exactamundo Brewsters, should have given them a boot in the ass.  C ya, wouldn't want to b ya!

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I love that an irrelevant sanctioned expansion team is the decider of which terrible teams get added to the conference


Eh, should've let them go. Their best years are definitely behind them. They'll never recapture their mystique or success and will ALWAYS have a dark cloud over their heads. That scandal will make sure of it.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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From Rittenberg:

Since the blog launched in 2008, I've heard from Penn State fans who never have felt welcome in the Big Ten and would prefer the ACC, in large part because of the proximity to some ACC schools and the rivalries that would be enhanced. There likely are some Penn State power brokers who feel the same way.

I didn't like adding PSU in the 90's, and I wouldn't miss them if they left. At least the PSU fans picked up on not being welcomed by the B1G.

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Penn State power brokers should not be making decisions because they have proven time and time again that they are incapable of making good decisions.

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Should've just let them take their flaming s*it-wreck of a team to the ACC. We get the benefit of Addition by Subtraction. 
[Edit: Also, if we were actually interested in increasing conference influence/reach/power etc we should be targeting the SEC itself, not poaching 2 win ACC scrubs. You don't think UK or like Tenn. (which are both closer to the B1G heartland than College Park or NJ is) would jump at the chance to join a league where they'd have a legit shot at (going to a half-decent bowl, for UK and contending for a league title for TENN)? Also, both schools gets to join the B1G for basketball. 
But most importantly, it would be a HUGE, direct EFF-YOU to the SEC. ] 

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All a Tennessee would have to do in the B1G is beat tOSU (or hope we go to the NCG) and they'd be assured a BCS bowl bid. What, as if Hoke or whoever-takes-over-Wisky would challenge them? 
They'd have a MUCH higher chance of ^ that than they ever would of 1.) surviving a SEC conference schedule (Hello UGA SC A&M UF Bama Auburn LSU) with 0-1 losses. and 2.) winning the SEC CG. 
If you put UTenn in whatever division osu isn't in and assume OSU goes 12-0, then 1/2 loss Tenn is def going the Rose bowl. How many times can they guarantee that by staying in the SEC? 

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I don't know, I think losing Penn State would have been a bigger blow than a lot of us realize. Yes, PSU fans are total D-Bags and tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists that think the world is out to get them. However, despite the recent crippling NCAA sanctions, Penn State is still a national brand. I'd say they are one of the top 10 or 12 nationally recognized schools, and one that also has given the B1G a pipeline into NJ, Maryland, Philadelphia, etc. for the last 20 years. They probably won't be great for the next 5 years, but losing one of its major brands would be another black eye for an already beleagured Big Ten. Yes, Wisconsin and Michigan State have had more success in the last few years, but this year proved just how fleeting success is for those sad little community colleges. Penn State has had consistent success since joining the B1G, and once the sanctions are over, their resources, facilities and traditions will likely help them get back to that point.

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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I agree, would even go a step further in saying that behind us and tsun, penn state is the 3rd most important school in the conference now...
I remember that NY Times article about college football fan bases everyone was passing around a couple months ago, and I believe penn st had the 4th largest fan base..  I think they have the largest alumni organization in the country or something...
Like them or not but they are important to Delany, however, I do not buy for one second that penn st would leave the B1G..  It would be the equivalent of taking a 50% pay cut at work..

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Based on Nate Silver's estimates (which Hodge wisely points out are fuzzy in terms of the numbers, but likely accurate in terms of the relative rankings), Penn State is the third-largest fanbase nationally behind Ohio State and M*ch*g*n.
Also, Penn State has the third largest share of the New York City media market fanbase, behind Rutgers (welcome to the B1G) and Manti Te'o's Golden Domes. This is likely part of the reason for Delaney's "this is good for Penn State" comment regarding expansion, too.

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Thank you...we need Penn State.

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Uhhh, no. Adding Maryland and Rutgers was about one thing: $$$$$$$.
There's going to be about 52% more cable teleivisions that will now carry BTN on their standard package thanks to the addition of these two schools and the gigantic cable subscriber rates (upwards of 85% in the NYC market) in the MD-NJ-Greater NYC market.
Leaked revenue projections - which were right in line with my personal projections - are pointing towards payouts of around $32 million to each school annually by 2014 (we were at $24.6 million last year), and well over $40 million after contract renogotiations post-2016. Rutgers and Maryland were homeruns in terms of BTN revenue. "But Humble, do you really think there's that much viewership demand for Rutgers and Maryland sports to all of a sudden get BTN on the standard cable packages in DC and NYC?". No, I don't think that. That would be silly. But I do think that when mixed with the enormous presence of Big Ten Alumni in these areas, there will finally be enough demand to get it done. Delany doesn't make decisions on a whim. I'm sure he's already commissioned many studies and surveys on this.
Also, you have to know something: Barry Alvarez is really tight with Jim Delany, and some attribute his "leaks" about expansion back in 2010 to a "controlled leak" of sorts. That is to say, they weren't leaks at all, but he said what he said on purpose, presumably at the request of Delany. So I don't think this has anything to do with Penn State. I think it's a head fake to send the ACC scrambling, and eventually get Notre Dame to reconsider their deal.

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It's all speculation, but one has to wonder whether frustration with PSU may have boiled over behind the scenes in the B1G.  Gigantic moral failure that casts a shadow over everyone in contact with the program — including the conference.  Plus one of the league's 4 signature football programs goes over the top and Scarfaces itself.
I would think that at any recent meeting of the conference Presidents or ADs, the knives were out, and nobody had Penn State's back.  And rightly so.
Maybe it got ugly and PSU started to look around.  Can't imagine it would have had much leverage, other than in, say, the Big East.  You'd have to be some kind of albatross salesman to pitch Mt. Nittany to any conference right now.  But it could have happened, and maybe Delany had to fight a rearguard action.  
All that sounds a bit implausible to me.  If you eat a bad taco, you don't send two sardines after it to keep it down.  But you never know.
Or maybe Uncle Alvarez just sees things a certain way.

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re: Gigantic moral failure that casts a shadow over everyone in contact with the program
You know what? Thats fuggin bullshit. The actions (or inactions) of McQueary, Paterno, Spanier, Curley, and Schultz (not to mention the countless law enforcement and Department of Public Welfare staff that interviewed Sandusky in '98) have nothing to do with the rest of the program as a whole. There have literally been 400+ letterman from Penn State football in the time Sandusky was committing his monstrosities, and none of those letterman are responsible, nor should his appalling actions reflect on those young men who sweat and studied their way to a varsity letter and a degree from a top notch institution. The only shadow cast is by people like yourself who want to blame the collective for the faults of a few.
Sorry, but the regardless of whether or not people here agree with the summarized conclusions of the Freeh Report, I'm getting sick and tired of people willing to pile on Penn State when 500,000 alumni and several hundred letterman - who for better or worse bought into the "success with honor" mantra - had nothing to do with the pure evil that was Jerry Sandusky.
/drops mic
// chugs a beer
/// waits for imminent downvotes
//// doesn't care

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It's simple really: PSU and everyone affiliated with them were more worried about what was going to happen to the football team than they were about the people that this stuff happened to.
This is where all the condemnation stems from. It has less to do with how many people were involved or not involved and more to do with PSU and the alumni's reaction and being much more worried about their football program.
No downvotes from me, I think people should be able to speak freely.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. - Woody Hayes