BCS Rankings Are Out

By Johnny Ginter on November 18, 2012 at 8:47p

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Well one things for sure... if it's an all SEC NCG again I won't be watching it for the second year in a row!

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The thing is, does anyone actually think Notre Dame could beat Alabama, Georgia, or Florida? I could see Notre Dame losing to USC and then we're back with an all-SEC championship game.

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I do, Georgia and Florida are both huge frauds.  In fact, I think that Clemson, Stanford, Kansas State, Oregon, Oklahoma, Florida State and The Ohio State University would all beat Georgia or Florida.

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Florida has had a few close games against sub par competition(so has OSU and many other schools), but take a look at who FL has beaten and tell me they are still a fraud. I'll give you GA, but you can't say that about FL(as much as it pains me to say it).

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Yeah they have some solid wins against great competition but watching them it is pretty evident.  They have no real playmakers on offense, they do have a great defense but balance is what wins in college football.  

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After A&M beat Bama, sure.  Don't fall for the SEC's trick with all those bad Div. II teams. They're beatable.

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Yes, I think Florida is massively overrated. Georgia lost a game 35-7, and took three quarters last week to pull away feom a Georgia directional FCS school.
ND could beat both.
South Carolina is currently the most overrated team in football.
I think ND, Oregon, Florida State, Clemson, Kansas State, Stanford, Oklahoma, us, and some others could all beat Bama on a given week. Now, do I think they would beat Bama giving Saban weeks to prepare? Nope. If Bama gets to the title game then I don't think it matters who they play there.
I'd like to see Clemson beat South Carolina (I think this will happen), Florida State beat Florida ( I think this will happen), Georgia Tech beat Georgia (this is incredibly unlikley) and then Georgia beat Bama in the SEC title game. If that happens, as long as Florida State beats whomever in the ACC title game, we might be looking at a Florida State- ND championship.
If you held a gun to my head I'd say it'll be Bama-ND and Bama wins by 30, though.

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Florida St. and Notre Dame would be a fun match up. Getting tired of Alabama. Same old, same old. They win, yes. That's good on them, but I want some variety in my CFB. It's one of the reasons I enjoy the college game over the pro game.


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As much as I HATE to do this, we have to look no further than 2002-03 to see an example of a team, led by a very good (almost dominating) defense, defy the odds and win the whole thing.  The best comparison for this ND team is that 02-03 Ohio State team.
Notre Dame has squeaked by at times, and won going away in others.  But the constant has been their defense.  We all know Alabama is not unbeatable.  Their defense is very good, but not quite what some initially thought it was.  Their offense is efficient, but hasn't been that good when faced up against a good defense.  ND can stop Alabama.  They should beat a Barkley-less USC team, and I expect them to do just that.
With all that said, I'm really hoping Oregon blows out Oregon State, UCLA beats Stanford, USC rises up and upsets the Golden Domers, and FSU pounds an overrated Florida team.  I cannot bear to watch another all-SEC title game.  This would at least give Oregon another shot to spread out the Alabama defense.

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College football as a sport is getting pretty tired.  Even if the SEC champion gets beaten in the national title, it's not going to change this.  There's just no way voters are going to suddenly start respecting or acknowledging the depth of the other conferences.  They won't even rank Ohio State #2.

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Doesn't matter. Florida is going to get what's coming to them next week againt Florida State. And then Georgia and Bama will have to play. It won't be an all-SEC title game.

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Gosh, if only three SEC schools could play in the MNC instead of two...

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ESecPN BCS Countdown that aired tonight, Rece Davis stated that USA Today's oddsmaker Danny Sheridan would open the line at Bama minus 10 over ND. Also any SEC team in the top 10 would be favored healthy over ND.
Anyone's thoughts on that one ?!?!?!   

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His thoughts are my own

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Glad that Florida is ranked so high with a narrow victory against UL Lafayette... Reward them for close victories! Also let's drop the Bucks after close victories... Seems only fair.

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I think it's awful that Ohio State could run the table 13-0 (no ban scenario) and would not make the BCS national championship game over two one loss SEC teams; one that was beaten 35-7.    

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Believe me, I get all the SEC hate, but I don't see a 2-team SEC NCG happening.  I can't see a non-divsion winning SEC team in the NCG, and whoever loses the SEC championship game will have 2 losses.  I think Oregon jumps any non-champion SEC team if they win out.  They only have an overtime loss against a pretty good Stanford team.  Now if Oregon loses again....
I am still rooting hard for USC vs. ND.  I want OSU as the only undefeated so we can always have that even if we don't get to play for a national title.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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The problem is.. Oregon may not even win THEIR division in the PAC-12. If Stanford beats UCLA on Saturday, the Cardinal would win the North and play the Bruins again in the PAC-12 Championship game.