Ohio State Basketball Team Ranked Fourth in USA Today Coaches Poll

By Kyle Rowland on October 17, 2012 at 12:20p

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I'm shocked IU is getting all this early number 1 love.  There's a team in 2nd that returns basically their whole team, plus adds a talented transfer.  Louisville is DEEP, and they'll actually have Blackshear all year this season since he was hurt and missed most of last year.  Basically, the team who played the best team defense in the NCAA last year gets that whole team back, and has added shooters.  Louisville may score 10 points more per game(if not more)than they did last year, and they'll have the same level of defense and more depth than last year.  The may not win it all, but how does IU get 16 more first place votes preseason?

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IU is returning all 5 starters and retaining some of their better bench players. I think they go as far as their defense and Tom Crean's hair allows them. Of the 5 starters only 2 really play any kind of defense, and the media is in love with the Zeller brothers. Personally I don't think they even end up being B1G regular season champions.

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I know they return alot, but just amazes me a that Louisville returns their whole final four team and added depth/scoring.  Preseason polls mean nothing I'm well aware of that, but just think it's funny how much press IU and UK are getting, but UofL seems to be the forgotten team.

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Every year there's that media darling team, and I think after IU beat UK last year, it kind of put them into that status. IU is a fun team to watch offensively because they can score in so many different ways, but their individual and team defense is missing for minutes at a time. They rely too much on the other team missing and capitolizing with a higher fg% and don't really get a whole lot of true defensive stops. Sound familiar? IU definitely has the talent to be a Final Four team, they just need to execute with their backs to the bucket.
UK is getting the attention because of Calipari and the fact that he paid recruited some really good players to come in and replace what left for the NBA. Plus, as much as I hate to admit it, he's a really good coach that really gets the best out of his players, and it helps that he recruits NBA talent.
Personally, I think Petino has himself the best team out there.  They play a good full and 3/4 press and their halfcourt defense can play man and multiple zones, not to mention they have multiple views on the offensive side of the ball. If his offense can learn to live without the 3, they will go far, but his teams always live and die by the 3.

-The Aristocrats!

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Last year they made the final four being a poor shooting team though.  They added a transfer from George Mason who is going to be a really good player for them and Blackshear really came on down the stretch, that kid is going to be really good and he can shoot it too.  I think their shooting is going to be a lot better this year than last.

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I was at the OSU IU game this weekend and the most excited the crowd got was when the big screen would show IU basketball highlights.  It's sad, really.

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Overrated *clap* - *clap* - *clap**clap**clap*

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Ohio U received zero votes despite making the Sweet 16 last year and returning their entire roster minus head coach. Can't say I agree with that.

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Preseason basketball rankings are even more meaningless than preseason football rankings

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I agree, just don't know where these guys come up with their votes sometimes.

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Oddly enough, basketball preseason rankings seem to be a better predictor of postseason success than the postseason ones.

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Way too high. I need to see what our offense is beyond Deshaun before I start believing in this team.

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Are you kidding me?  Just put 100 on the 18-1 odds to win it all and collect in march.  
This team is loaded at every position with proven talent.  Deshaun could avg 30 a game but he won't need to with the level of talent on this team.  There are atleast 4 guys that will see NBA rosters on this team.

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It all rides on Amir, LaQuinton, and our young guys stepping up (Thompson, Scott, etc.). There is no reason why this team can't win the conference.

Buckeyes have better talent than the rest of the conference, hands down. Crean may have some seniors, but are they good? Jordy Hulls couldn't defend a third grader.

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I'm actually pretty surprised by the Buckeyes ranking.  I figured they would be closer to #10 but damn I will take it.  The coaches must have a lot of faith in Thomas and Craft to lead tOSU to another stellar season.  Preseason polls are meaningless and what matters is how they play on the court but starting top 5 puts the Buckeyes in a great spot to make early noise considering their extremely tough out of conference schedule. 

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A good, returning PG in CBB is akin to a good, returning QB in CFB-it almost always lands you high on the rankings. A little shocked to see them this high given what they lost but in some ways, Buford AND Sully might be addition by subtraction.

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Although Big Willie Style played at OSU since the Truman administration, he was a liability at times. Same with Sully's inability to adjust to longer defenders, his inability to play defense, and his ability to get frustrated, he was definitely a liability at times. I think this team goes as far as Amir takes us. For the first time in a while we may have a big that can play both ends of the court. I'm not saying he's a 2nd option, but he's definitely not the 5th option on offense. And Ross possibly being a good shooting option will take some of the pressure off of DT to score all of the time and actually make defenses worry about inside and outside threats. I'm also hoping Shannon and Sam worked on their shooting. That's dangerwillrobinson for the rest of the B1G if they did.

-The Aristocrats!

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Amir is going to be a better paint presence on defense, but replacing Sully's rebounding is going to be the biggesting thing. Similarly, on offense, he'll probably be acceptable with the ball in his hands, but will he be anywhere close to as good at kicking it back out to the rest of the team?

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Ohio State has long, fast guys who can jump a mile high. Their rebounding will be fine.

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The SEC sure is bad at basketball. Why isn't this discussed in depth CBS, ESPN?

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I was just about to make this point. It's striking that the B1G has more teams in the top 5 than the SEC has ranked.

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Doesn't matter because UK won the championship. Don't you know, doesn't matter the depth of your conference, you're judged by what the team at the top does in postseason. Nothing more.

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I'm just a big of a fan of Buckeye hoops as I am as football. However, I think they're a little over-rated. Just too many question marks this year.  Still got a good shot a the final four though if everything comes together.

Long live the southend.

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As much as I want to believe, the pessimist in me takes it with a grain of salt since it is another preseason poll which really means nothing.  Wait until 4-5 games into the season and see how we look.  Hard to replace Sully.  Thad's done it in the past, I'm sure he can do it again but seeing is believing.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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IU is terribly overrated.  Won't be a top 5 team at year's end.
I'm pretty excited for this year's team.  It hinges on 2 things - can Amir be at least a competent defender who alters shots in the land (he doesn't have be a Ken Johnson shot blocker) and can Q Ross be a go-to perimeter scorer?  We know Tank is going to get his (probably 20 and 9 or so).  We know Craft will go 40 if he stays out of foul trouble, put up ho-hum stats of 9/5/5 and basically shut down the opposing PG (which is extremely underrated - if a PG can't get the offense into the flow everyone else is thrown off their game).  We know Ravenel will play 10-12 minutes of hustle and rebounding (and yes, fouls).  We know Lenzelle will do it all again, and he showed in the tourney last year he can score if needed.  Probably an 8/5/4 type of player.  I expect Thompson and Scott to have similar, but expanded roles comapred to last year.  Defensively, we should be tops in the big 10 (on a per possession basis).  Craft, Smith, Thompson, Ravenel, Williams - long and great 1-on-1 defenders across the board.  The question is if we can get enough scoring outside of Q and DeShaun.

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Missed it earlier, but CBS college basketball preview has OSU at #17...quite the gap between that ranking and this one. is it unrealistic for me to think that losing buford and sullinger IS addition by subtraction? That doesn't seem to be a popular thought among the "experts." If just one other player on this team can be a legitamite scoring threat, then it will help thomas tremendously and alleviate some of this talk that he will have a rough time without sullinger pulling defenders away from him. Like I said, if we can get one other player, then that will allow deshaun to do what he does best; pull up from anywhere within a 2 mile radius of the hoop.
With a bench full of high school all americans, you would think that at least one person can come in and hit some shots. i would love for that someone to be Q. or even the italian stallion ADV.

He ain't even stretch doe!!