Marcus Lattimore Suffers Gruesome Leg Injury

By Chris Lauderback on October 27, 2012 at 2:33p

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Holy crap. Never thought I'd see one worse than Willis McGahee but now I have.

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I'd put it at number 2 right behind McGahee. 

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I think McGahee's looked worse at impact, but Lattimore's completely disconnected lower leg flopping around like that was worse for me. Yuck.

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You guys must not have seen Deandre Brown a couple of years ago.

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Man was that hard to watch. Everyone speaks of the kids character. He was so devastated. Good luck to you Marcus. 

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I was surprised they showed it so many times on tv. It was pretty horrific. I hope he can come back from it.

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Tragic!! Fantastic young man, and a great talent, suffering a devestating injury. Prayers go out to Marcus and the entire Lattimore family. Godspeed in your recovery.

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Get well Marcus, no athlete shoukd have to deal with that. Hope he can come back and continue his career.

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That is horrible.  Horrible tackle (head down, helmet to knee) and just horrible for Marcus.  After sufferring a torn ACL last year to the other knee.  Devastating.
Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Marcus.   Hope you make it back to 100% health.

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SEC or not, my heart sank when they showed his face/reaction. Dear God I hope he can come back. You have the entire college football world's support, Marcus. Poor guy, what a special player too.

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Nope, cannot watch it.  As a kid I remember watching Tim Krumrie's leg flop around like a dead fish while being broken and had no problem.  About 5 years later I dislocated my left knee pretty badly, tearing my ACL in the process.  Now, I don't have the stomach to watch any of it!  I saw the McGahee injury once during the replay when it happened and that is all I could see, I had to cover my eyes like a girl every time after that.
Good luck to Lattimore.

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