Notre Dame Joins the ACC

By Kyle Rowland on September 12, 2012 at 9:52a
All sports except football. (
Source: @theACC

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Makes absolutely no sense. What's the closest "ACC" city to South Bend? Pittsburgh?

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How does any re-aligment make sense lately? It's all about money. I don't know why they didn't just flat out join the league in all sports seeing as they committed to playing 5 ACC games each year. It's like they want to align with a conference, just not completely committ so they get the benefits of "being Notre Dame".

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Notre Dame has a better chance of being the big fish, in the ACC. Rumors have it, Florida State and Clemson will leave the ACC, for the BigXII.
"The Big Ten long courted Notre Dame as a full member but that option did not appeal to the Irish, according to the school. Notre Dame saw the Midwest league as limiting the school's ability to be a national program and was concerned the school would become just another tradition-rich program with a big stadium fighting over the same recruiting grounds with Michigan, Ohio State and Nebraska." 
"...the ACC offers top-flight competition in the non-football sports and allows the Irish increased access and presence to the Southeast, a growing part of the country. And with the ACC's expansion up the East Coast, Notre Dame will be in some traditional areas, such as Boston, the state of New York, and the Maryland-Washington market."
ND appeals to the B1G in large part because of market access. The fact the PAC 12/B1G schedule agreement fell through and this ND/ACC agreement was inked, has a "temporary feel"  and suggests to me Penn State's downfall looms. I think the PAC and ND are as brand-centric as the B1G and may have backed out of a bigger deal than has been reported. The Penn State matter is not done playing out.
A $50M ACC exit fee will not inhibit ND's move to the B1G, if the deal is good and especially, if a PAC/B1G scheduling agreement is finally ironed out.
But, Penn State may have to go.    

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Boy do I hate them...just join the big ten(12) in football and get your woopin every year already!


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ehhhh.  Wish they would have joined the Big 10.  Now they should just be ignored.
81-32-2 all-time vs ACC
230-124-16 all-time vs Big10
seems like a move steeped in tradion and rivalry.
Notre Lame is 2-10 in Bowl Games since 1995 (wins vs Hawaii and Miami Fla).  They are a perfect fit for the ACC that is 2-13 in BCS games which began in 1998.

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As much as people want to say that this should be a football move, or they should have moved for football - this is purely a move focused on enhancing their academics (aligning with Duke and UVA, etc.) and overall athletic department. The ACC is not only competitive in women's soccer with UNC, but also men's lacrosse, in which UND is annually strong. While I hate that they're doing this, it will certainly improve Notre Dame's future basketball program as well. The only way I see this ever being a bad move (in regards to sports) for Notre Dame is when their NBC deal ends in a few years. If the football team isn't respectably kicking ass, then they'll make a decision to go 'all in' with a conference. 

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^^^^^^EXACTLY!!!  Also since the Big East is falling apart, it helps keep their non-revenue sports protected while they figure out what in the heck to do about football.  
They'll join a conference eventually, there is just too much money out there that they continue to leave on the table to universities like Purdue and Indiana.

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This is why I don't understand the ACC's willingness to allow Notre Dame to remain an independent in football. Notre Dame's brand and all of its wealth are associated with its football program, wealth that the ACC and other teams will not get a cut of. This is a move that really benefits Notre Dame, and really doesn't help the ACC that much. 

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My only guess is that the ACC is hoping that this will give them a leg up if and when ND ever decides to join a conference. 

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^ This.  Only the Big Ten and Pac 12 are powerful enough conferences that they can truly broker a deal with Notre Dame on their own terms.  In fact, it's entirely plausable that the Pac 12 lacks the requisite amount of prestige programs and audience (and thusly monetary revenue) to turn them away.
The fact that we have OSU, UM, and PSU means that we only go after ND (the only conference where they'd truly make sense, academically and geographically) if we get football.  I wonder, though; is ND dragging its feet and blatantly avoiding the Big Ten because they know that the road back to being elite means going through a resourgent OSU and UM team?  I mean, their only real threat in the ACC is FSU and VT, if they ever join in football.

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I agree with everything you've said with one exception. The ACC is also an academic powerhouse, so Notre Dame certainly matches them well academically, but I'm just nitpicking at this point. 

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Agreed on the ACC academic prowess.  Though, are all their members accredited to the AAU?  I know that Nebraska was when they started the process of joining, but lost their accreditation before formally joining.  
I also believe that Delaney was personally offended when ND spurned the Big Ten over a decade ago (which a lot of ND faculty were really upset about, since they lost a lot of research money in the process), and will only extend another invitation when he's sure that they'll accept.  
I admire the Big Ten's consistency here: everyone in the conference is an equal, and we're not about to make an exception so we can get the rich girl to go to the dance with us.  Interesting to note that the ACC was singing similar overtures when ND was initially courting them, evidentally that was a mere façade.

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Actually, AAU speaking, B1G is stronger-only Duke, UMd, Georgia Tech, UNC and UVA are members. Future member Pitt is also an AAU member.
For the ACC, ND is the slightly aging former Miss America contestant trophy wife. For ND, the ACC is the established older husband who is looking for some zing, is willing to look the other way, and has given her a very generous pre-nup where what is hers is hers, and what is his is hers.

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At least we will get to stomp on them in the B1G-ACC challenge.   That should be fun

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Hahahahaha. That is all.

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To me the only news here is that Notre Dame is still worthy of news.

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This pisses me off so much, I hope both michigan state and tsun both embarrass these arrogant punks.  It is about time the big ten creates there own little embargo and basically says to Notre Dame fine you don't want to be in our conference ok we won't play you.

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Talk about your lateral moves! Move all sports but football from Big East to ACC. So, instead of their basketball program playing in the Big East, it will now get beat up by UNC and Duke? Great move! Big props!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

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Am I the only one who has never really wanted Notre Dame in the Big Ten/B1G?

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Nope, I've never wanted them either.

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Count me as one who is very happy this move is to the ACC and NOT the B1G.  Don't want them, never have, never will. 

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Nope. I would've taken them because it increased revenues for the conference. But as far as actually playing them, no I don't care one bit.  Would be on the level of any other B1G game to me. Nothing special.

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I do agree, playing ND every year would knock the luster off a random matchup once every 10/15 years or so.  If we were to beat them 4 out of 5, they'd blame the losses on stricter academic qualifications, and after a win they'd gloat about how awesome they were.... even though 1/2 their fans wouldn't know more than 4 or 5 of their team's player's names.

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Meh, I don't know why the ACC would want them for all other sports. If Notre Dame wanted to join my conference it would have to be an all or nothing deal.  Especially, with the basketball brands the ACC added from the Big East. 
In terms of Geography, that stuff doesn't matter at all anymore.  Notre Dame though, played in a conference with teams from All over the northern East coast.  I mean, basketball wise is it really that much different than playing the Big East?

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I wanted Notre Dame to join the B1G for a few reasons. I like thier history and tradition. They already play B1G teams.
More so I think we are going to end up left out in the cold if we decide to move to 14 teams. I would love to see us add Kansas for basketball.  Pitt and Cuse are gone, I'm not sure who else left is worthy of an invite. 

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Other big news items today:

  • Jenna Jamison was hired by Porn, Inc. to support all aspects of their business, except that she will not participate in any on-camera sex scenes.
  • Steven Hawking joined the faculty of West Virginia University as an adjunct professor; he will be doing research for WVU in fields not including theoretical or astro physics.
  • Tim Tebow was named Jets starting QB, but on his condition that he not be expected to carry the ball on designed QB run plays.
  • DJ has agreed to come back as a regular 11W contributor, but any of his pieces referencing Warren G. Harding will be posted an another blog site.
  • Brady Hoke is considering taking a leave of absence from Michigan but has promised that he will continue to work full-time with the football team on days when he is fasting.
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This is hilarious.

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Remember that Orange Bowl deal that has Notre Dame vs. ACC Champion EVERY YEAR? Sounds a bit suspicious if you ask me...

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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ESPN keeps talking about ND football and the ACC.... ACC is not getting any of ND's football really all this is is a scheduling obligation for ND... This is nothing different then where ND was with the Big East before this move. ND is still Independent, so I don't get what really changes with ND football outside of having to schedule those games with ACC teams.

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Notre Dame had a similar "obligation" with the Big East to play 3 Big East teams a year in football.  They never seemed to follow through on that.  I would hope that the ACC holds their feet to the fire on that "obligation." 
So essentially, Notre Dame has with USC, Stanford, Navy, Michigan, MSU, Purdue, +5 ACC games, has one uncommited game per year.  I don't see that working out. 

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Just saw an article on SI about the monetary value of ND. Are Irish fans still that rabid after an entire 15 years of mediocrity? Is ND/USC still a big game? Seriously, does that program even have half the clout it once wielded?

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Crazy as it seems, it actually does. I don't completely get it or understand it, but Notre Dame is still a big deal. 

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the deal with NBC keeps them relevent... if NBC doesnt show them, most of their home games wouldnt be shown... no way ESPN would snag a below-average ND team vs Army over Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, etc regional coverage games.

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Their NBC deal ends in 2015, so things could get interesting, depending on if they re-up with NBC or if they look for a new television home to air their games. 

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I've been saying for a while that once that NBC deal is toast, ND --> B1G, almost guaranteed.  As bad as they've been for the last decade, I don't see NBC renewing that deal, but I could be wrong on the $$$ ND brings in.

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I think Delaney needs to pull the rug out from under these arrogant pricks. U don't want to join us?  find someone else to play in place of Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue.  Then we can all watch them fall into premanent mediocrity.
They would be forced to join a conference, and if they have to join the ACC, great. Have fun. 
Without those 3 B1G games on the slate, I dont think they garner as much attention, and you take some tradition from them. Let them play NC State, Wake Forest, and Maryland instead. See how much respect that gets them.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.