Cal's Top Lineman Out This Weekend

By Alex on September 13, 2012 at 8:59a

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buck-I.8's picture

These are not the DEs you want your tackles to be injured against. That being said, maybe our Line will take advantage, put up some gaudy numbers, and spark the fire their gonna need for B1G play

Buckeye Black's picture

Can Simon line up against the replacement every play please!!!

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I'd rather see Spence blow by the replacement, and have Simon eat a double team, leaving Goebel and Washington/Hankins to overpower up the middle. As much as I like Simon coming around the corner, it just makes sense that there are less blockers in the middle, the big men can penetrate, and the LBs can get good reads.

Crimson's picture

I'm glad we're getting back some players that we lost to injury against S. Utah!

Outside linebacker Chris McCain (shoulder) and tight end Richard Rodgers (foot), both injured against Southern Utah, are probable for the Buckeyes, Tedford said.

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I'm with you BuckI.8. Best way to disrupt any offense is between the guards. A pass rush up the middle or staying strong in the middle against the run slows down any attack at any level. I'll take dominant tackles over ends if I had to choose one or the other.