The Victor?

By Jason Priestas on August 15, 2012 at 3:02p

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The Victor.                               

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Giants sucks its all about Tebow errr Sanchez and the Jets! Derp


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Its interesting to me that SI puts Denard on their cover and doesn't even have UM in their preseason top 10 (but Michigan State is & Wisky). I'm guessing he's in their Heisman candidates list, though. And there must be a story in this issue about how Michigan is "back", thus the "?" on Victor.

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@TennBuck...under the Victor? it said "See righthand corner)...which is the Heisman Watch...ergo the "?"  
We all hate tTUN, but Denard has to be considered. (Ouch!  I think I just broke my keyboard typing that... )

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Denard may have good stats rushing to be considered for the Heisman, but there is no way he will have the passing stats to be considered. If you are in contention for the Heisman as a QB you better have great passing stats.

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He throws too many picks and they'll be 10-2 atr best, probably worse than that, and you don't win the Heisman that often putting up solid stats on a non elite team. Typically goes to the best player on the best team (RG3 obviously was an outlier) and they won't be the best team.

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Ugh, I cant STAND the freakin Giants!!!!

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Cowboys, Redskins, or Eagles fan?


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Thank you SI.  I happen to very much believe in the cover jinx.  This still doesn't make up for the Dohrman hit piece, but I dislike you less.