Delany Seeks Power to Fire Coaches

By Chris Lauderback on July 19, 2012 at 9:21a

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Never (please)

Long live the southend.

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Wow talk about overstepping your boundaries.

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Dude takes himself too seriously. Gonna have to start considering a checks and balance with this guy.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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This is a direct result of PSU situation no?

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I assume so, but as with most tragedies in life people tend to over compensate in their responses, this is another prime example.  Delany has been a solid commish, so I won't throw him under the bus for this error in judgement, but man I am not sure where he pulled this idea out of.

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This guy's all business. And the fact is: Penn State is gonna be bad for a brand-centric colossus, like the B1G, as long as the legal ramifications of Sandusky's actions, are making news.
In the event PSU is asked to leave and Notre Dame is steadfastly independent or looking elsewhere (i.e. Big East or ACC,etc.) I can see Oklahoma becoming the newest memeber of the B1G. Again, Delaney is all business. Bring a national powerhouse with the monogram of Oklahoma into the conference - along with the resumption of one the greatest college football rivalries - EVER (OK vs. N) - and you raise the value of the B1G's brand, bigtime. Thanksgiving + Oklahoma and Nebraska the day after and Ohio State vs. Michigan...Thanksgiving becomes the B1G's holiday and will likely boost its championship game's appeal.

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While I don't think they will get the boot, I read one perspective that I hadn't considered. PSU's games will be inherently hostile and disgusting for the foreseeable future. While we would all like to believe that we have the "Best Damn Fans in the Land", OSU fans and fans across the BIG will make comments about Sandusky/Paterno, meaning PSU games (inside and outside of the stadium) will be an absolute zoo. The toxicity and badly damaged goods factor is off the friggin charts.

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"Thanksgiving + Oklahoma and Nebraska the day after and Ohio State vs. Michigan...Thanksgiving becomes the B1G's holiday and will likely boost its championship game's appeal."

Stop it, it's mean to tease me like that.

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While I would love to see that scenario, I am very skeptical. Oklahoma is not a member of the Association of American Universities. The B1G is just as focused on academics as they are athletics and all B1G schools are members (Nebraska was a long-time member of the AAU but were dropped a year after joining the B1G).    

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Don't like the idea at all but I see what's happening. If ever again there is a school that is scared of its coach - he wants the power to take over & avoid an embarrassing scenario. 
Definitely overcompensation, & a bad idea - but not without cause..

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I can understand why he would like this power given PSU's situation, but ultimately, I think it is a bad idea. Can't see any school's BOT or administration/AD wanting to cede this kind of power to someone outside of the school.

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The travel agency that books the Cruise for Cancer every year offers away game packages. I am going to the PSU game in HV. It would be awesome if we could get some 11dubbers to go. It's pretty reasonable considering this is going to be epic; two new coaches, night game=whiteout, pay back for last years loss in the 'Shoe.

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I'll probably never go to a game in State College. Penn State fans are absolute trash, at last year's game I saw two PSU fans throw beer bottles at an elderly man and his grandson on High Street, luckily they were apprehended. I don't feel like having bags of urine and rocks thrown at me after Urban hangs 45 points on them too.

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I have never been to HV. I would really like to experience the atmosphere there.  Not really worried about their fans.

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I imagine going to a white-out game would be interesting, but I've seen my share of Central Pennsylvania on drives up to New York, and it's a bunch of hills. Also while a white-out game would seem like an incredible experience, you still have to deal with PSU fans. 

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Delany is the new Palpatine.


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Frankly I don't want PSU removed from the B1G or to suffer the death penalty, I just want sanctions to turn them into Indiana for the next decade. Basically take 100 scholarships over the next ten years . This way they still get to play so it won't hurt the rest of the conference but they just be mediocre at best and interest will wane on its own, thus solving the "culture" problem.

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Terrible idea!!! Totally against it....

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There were also some other provisions that would allow fines or suspensions to come from the conference level.  I am almost surprised that this doesn't already exist, because I think this probably would be okay.  However removing a coach has much longer term ramifications for a university that to me mean that only they should make that call.  It is a little strange that the NCAA has the show cause penalty, but usually that gets implemented after the coach has been let go by the university.

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I thought the Penn State scandal demonstrated the danger of trusting an individual(s) with too much power. More centralization of power is Delaney's solution? If the conference commissioner does gain more and more power incrementally, that just makes the theoretical possibility of a conference-wide scandal more and more likely as opposed to just a university-wide one.

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^^^+++ That's a really good point.

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In a word - no.

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