The Salaries of B1G Assistant Coaches

By Sarah on June 4, 2012 at 2:09p

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Actually, I think it's kinda nice to have the highest paid assistants for a change.  I just hope it leads to results on the field.
On a side note, I was surprised BOB is making less than $1M at PSU...

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It does.  SEC schools almost always have the highest paid coaching staffs, and while we have always had the capacity to match them, we haven't until now.

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I'm running out of "Kirk Ferentz is the greatest coach ever!" jokes... can anyone help me?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Ferentz getting paid what he does for the little he has accomplished @ Iowa is a joke. 

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He is 96-66 with four top ten finishes and a BCS win AT IOWA; that's a 7% better winning percentage than Hayden Fry.  

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My point is that Ferentz is being compensated as if he has accomplished more than he actually has. I get that he's at Iowa and its not the easiest place to recruit to or to win at. And I know he puts guys in the NFL. But it seems like he is being paid because of his name recognition and because his name pops up when job vancies are open in both college and the pros, not based on on-the-field accomplishments.

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iowa is exactly like indiana, except they have one of the top football minds in the game who keeps them from being anything like indiana.


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With Jobba the Hoke taking his second tier ohio high school players continued success is unlikely

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Like Kalis, Dymonte, Smith and McCray?  C'mon man, those are some good players right there.

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That will buy a lot of Affliction shirts

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Total monetary compensation for all coaches is misleading:
Yes, Ohio State's total is $7.22 million compared to $6.009 million for Michigan. However, on an annual basis, approximately $2.15 million in food is delivered to the Michigan football office, in the form of restaurant and catered meals, groceries, gravy boats, pizzas, snacks, buffets, desserts, candy, and butter sculptures. 

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Butter sculptures?  Don't you dare take away Bielma's (literal) cash cow!