Rodney Hood to Duke

By Jason Priestas on June 30, 2012 at 10:32p

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if we're going to be honest, i would rather be at duke, as well. i absolutely bleed scarlet and gray, but the opportunity to spend a little time at one of the best universities in the world (even though this kid doesn't give a goddamn about academics or he never would have gone to miss st.) and the opportunity to play for one of the 3 best coaches of all time on tobacco road is too much to pass up.
that said, i don't want him anyway. he rubbed me as a "me first" guy, and kosta koufos and bj (i will never call you byron, bj) mullens have shown us that "me first" guys don't win championships. let him have durham for his 2 years. let him play for one year and bow out in the sweet 16 after he's forced to ride pine this winter. we'll take our lumps at first this year as amir struggles to fill the void. but, aaron craft is the type of kid that i'd go to war with; he'll win when march (and maybe even april) come(s). and thad is thad. he's arguably the best pure recruiter out there, and he'll bring in another oden-type class soon enough.


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I felt this coming. He's going to be a one-and-done player, anyway. Still, what are you going to do?
At least he didn't have a half hour long program on ESPN to announce his decision.



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Not trying to argue, but playing devil's (too soon?) advocate/picking your brain a bit...
If Thad is "arguably the best pure recruiter out there," has your opinion changed after striking out on every major target this year and only bringing in one under the radar guy? I do think Thad should bring in a good class this coming year, but what about this year? He lost all his major recruiting battles this spring, despite having a perennial Top 10 team and good facilities. And what does "pure" recruiter mean anyway?
Again, just seeking your opinion.

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by "pure recruiter" i mean if you look at the coach in a vaccuum and remove the allure of history and facilities. we have a good tradition, but nothing like duke, kansas, ucla, et al. we also have great facilities, but cameron and phog allen are in a different ballpark than the schott. if you put matta at unc or uk, he would absolutely mop up.


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Kosta's NIT championship begs to differ.

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matta went on the record as saying he's never had more problems with a player than with that buffoon.


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Even amazing recruiters lose battles and have an off year or two.
Good luck to Hood, there was no wrong choice between Duke or OSU.

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IMO it came down to rosters. Sam Thompson is going to be a really good player.

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3 and done at the very least, seeing as he's played one, will sit one, and...well you get it.
It is a shame he didn't have a half hour long special-I'm sure the Boys and Girls clubs could have used the extra dough. I guess we should forget that part.