Charles Eric Waugh Speaks from Jail

By Chris Lauderback on May 27, 2012 at 10:07a

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He has some issues.

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I'm sure they are glad that he will always be their fan

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Why is the Dispatch even giving this POS a platform to speak? Dude is in jail for a reason.

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The Dispatch really missed an opportunity to include an expert opinion to weigh in on how Waugh exhibits all the classic traits of a pedophile ("these kids are my friends!") and by "missed an opportunity" I mean "never once considered elevating its standard of reporting in the race to pageviews." Instead of using its reach to bring value to an important subject, it took the EXCLUSIVE BUCKEYES CRAZY BUCKEYES FAN BUCKEYES angle. It's emblematic of what's happened with news - headlines are now stories, and stories are too often empty vessels for headlines.

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What he said!

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I guess that was what my issue with the Dispatch was.  They interviewed him, he got to speak, the end.  Nothing about how or why he got access to all of these recruits in person (come on, he just happened to see them at a bar...that's either stalking/creepily following them or having some kind of connection with people at the bar).  Waugh said people don't the whole story about his previous conviction, and of course he doesn't try to explain and neither does the Dispatch other than he was in possession of child pornography.  It's pretty clear it wasn't an "accident" and he's about the only guy we know of that took it upon himself to tweet motivational quotes to players and coaches.  Also, isn't Big Bar 18+? Not that I care, but this probably wouldn't have happened (Waugh making contact with underage recruits) if the underage recruits weren't allowed in to 18+ bars.  I don't know the logisitics on that.

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This guy is delusional. 

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He might have never meant harm to the Buckeyes, but harming football players isn't his crime. I wish he had said something along the lines of how he is sorry he harmed children by owning child pornography and that his real issue is much more important to society than losing a verbal commitment for our football team.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Who cares what this POS has to say? Epic fail Columbus Dispath.

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shudder, that picture has creep written all over it.

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Well, how disturbing is it that he calls the players "friends"? Creepy. I agree with Ramzy, the Dispatch missed out on an opportunity to tell Waugh's story from multiple angles, and not just give the guy a couple more minutes of fame. I still refuse to believe this whole B-Dubs Trivia Guru Twitter McCreepster is THE reason Anzalone de-committed. From what I've read and heard, he had one foot out the door and used the infamous photo with Waugh as the 'final straw' to conveniently walk away from his commitment.