Arkansas Fires Bobby Petrino

By Ramzy Nasrallah on April 10, 2012 at 8:02p

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At least Taver has more to work with than Fickell.

Hope he tears it up this season.


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The Jim Tressel coaching tree is getting pretty impressive now.

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Dantonio, Boeckman... any others?

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I think Todd Boeckman works at Worthington Steel

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Beckman, not Boeckman

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Mark Snyder, Marshall

Darrell Dazell, Kent State

Taver Johnson/Paul Haynes, Arkansas

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Happy for Coach Johnson but how the hell did he get the interim gig? He JUST joined the Arkansas staff.

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but his title was assistant head coach.  seems like a normal move to bump him up at least in the interim.

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I'm not a Petrino, or a Notre Dame hater, but this guy gets fired for cheating while Kelly's negligence kills a student and remains employed. Am i the only one that thinks that's backward?

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Not to defend Kelly or anything but Petrino didn't get fired for cheating.  He got fired for having a relationship with a subordinate as well as lying to his superiors.

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Not only a subordinate, but a subordinate that he hired while the affair was alledgedly still going on. He essentially hired his mistress.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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The official reason may not be cheating, but you can bet it is the real reason. I doubt very seriously that he would have lost his job if he was a single guy. Still, a student losing his life is less serious?

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Not defending Kelly or saying he should have gotten away scott-free, but that's both not the official reason nor the "real" reason Petrino was fired. He bold-faced lied to his authorites at Arkansas and abused his authority by hiring an unqualified girl that he had a relationship with. That's why he was fired. Cheating really had little to do with it, that just makes him a scumbag in the public eye.

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It's also worth mentioning that Arkansas is a public university--meaning that Petrino used taxpayer's money to hire his mistress.

For his outright stupidity alone he deserved his fate.

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What happened at ND was tragic. I don't remember the situation correctly, but I'm under the impression that the whole thing was declared an unfortunate accident. 

This situation with Petrino could have dire implications on the University. I live in Arkansas and a lot of Hog fans are questioning how this could have been worse than the Tressel and Tatgate (I wear an OSU hat almost everywhere I go). This whole thing with Dorrell causes potential legal ramifications against the University because it involves their hiring process. If the allegations are true, the University of Arkansas as a state funded institution could come under serious fire for fair hiring practices and discrimination. This isn't a matter of breaching the NCAA's code of conduct, but University policy as well as the law.

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Not to diminish Petrino's malfeasance but the ND death was far more worse. And it's not even close.

Essentially, on a very windy day (51 mph), a student, Declan Sullivan, was in charge of videoing an ND football practice from one of those scissor cranes. This is a photo of the actual crane post-accident.

In Kelly's own words, he was responsible for the guy's death. He made the call that Declan was to go up.

Whether it's a tornado warning the day before or it's a lightning storm that's in the area or the heat index is at a certain number and certainly wind, all of those elements have to be evaluated in making the decision, which I made the decision that I felt it was productive and safe.


Not sure of what details were discussed with Kelly but Sullivan certainly knew what he was being tasked to do wasn't safe. He jokingly tweeted as much right before practice started.

Gusts of wind up to 60 mph. Well today will be fun at work. I guess I've lived long enough.


So Kelly basically caused this kids death. Not a doubt in my mind that Kelly should have been fired. This goes way beyond poor judgment.


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Great info NC! Thank you!

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Don't forget the cover-ups of sexual assault by football players...which actually may go back to the '70's (don't know the specifics).  That sounds more like an administration issue but something Kelly could have easily handled or stepped in to make the player take responsibility.  Sad story about the girl who killed herself over it.

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I am Taver Johnson, bringer of death, destroyer of worlds.

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@Biggy84 im with you on this; lying to sup. about a scandlous affair or being negligent and causing a person to die, but you keep your job? Seems kinda wrong to me. Hope coach Tarver gets a chance for the head coach job, i got to meet him while he was recuriting T.Y. and some other kids in the cleveland area and he's real cool. Good Luck.

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any chance Taver brings in Jim Bollman to overhaul the Hog's offense?

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Thanks man. I needed a good laugh.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Long said that Dorrell's relationship with Petrino had given her an unfair advantage in being hired over the other 158 applicants for her current position

I don't feel that is really a fair statement ... I bet a lot of those other twenty-somethings had the opportunity to blow Bobby too.  Some girls people were qualified and some were not.  Freedom of speech, or something.

How many batteries does it take to beat Michigan football?   1AA
Want to beat Michigan? There's an App for that.

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From EDSBS. Lol.

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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I just hope the Booyah's, SI, Yahoo, and every one else sets their phasers to "Butt Hurt Outrage" over this.

Interested to see what's his name from the Boston Globe's take on this...


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Getting your student athletes a no-show job is an NCAA violation, but getting your mistress a no show job isn't. What's more is that this was going on right under the nose of the Arkansas administration. Can anyone say "failure to monitor"?

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So Petrino and this chick texted each other more than 4,300 times and talked on the phone more than 300 times over the past 6 months.

Using a university issued cell phone of course.

If this guy ever coaches college football again I will be absolutely disgusted.

vacuuming sucks

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Pretty silly millions a year in salary doesn't let this idiot buy a burner cell phone from walmart to text his whooore with.  Esp at Arkansas.  Apparently he paid zero attention to how his job opened up in the first place.