Source: Kerry Coombs to OSU

By Alex on March 1, 2012 at 11:06a

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I approve of this message.

vacuuming sucks

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Great addition.  Sheridan's NFL chops are nice, but he never had DB experience and we already have enough assistants with defensive line/LB coaching skills.  Coombs is an improvement over Sheridan, IMO.  He also has a reputation as a stud recruiter -- Brian Kelly tried hard to recruit him to ND coaching staff, and Butch Jones was lucky to keep him in Cinci.  Any assistant with half a brain knows that coaching under Meyer is the quickest way to an HC position, though.  

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Good hire. Feel much better about Coombs than Sheridan.

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Was never really comfortable with Sheridan's Michigan ties. UM needs coaches and players from Ohio in order to field a team. Not the other way around.

Of all of Meyer's coaching hires, I'd say this is the one that matches or surpasses his own intensity. Just hope they don't clash.

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I do agree it's more comforting that Coombs has more DB experience than Sheridan had.  Let's just keep in mind that the language of the article is not certain, so it doesn't appear to be a done deal yet.

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He was not at UC spring practice today, and was reported to be cleaning out his office.  He's coming to Cbus.

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Huh, very interesting!  Thanks for that tidbit!

Thought I'd post this link for those interested.

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love the hire on all levels

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Yup. Coaching and recruiting. Plus, the way we've struggled in Cincy for years may end now.

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Exactly. Hated seeing Cincy kids go to ND, among other places. 

The North remembers.

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I like this hire. He's an Ohio guy and can recruit. I think my favorite part of Urbz' hiring is that every one of his assistants recruit and recruit well. He has basically assembled the Legion of Doom of Recuiting (LODOR).

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I like this a lot...especially for Ohio recruiting!!!

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Finally we will tap into the Cintucky market. That's been lacking for years now.