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By 11W Staff on February 4, 2012 at 1:27p

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About "The Gentlmen's Agreement." 

It's not that it was something that was right, or wrong.  It's not even very much debatable, because it never existed.  There was no "Gentlemen's Agreement," and quite noteworthy is the fact that the last time this subject arose with any great amount of controversy in the Big Ten Conference, it was another coach of an asipiring second tier program (Joe Tiller at Purdue), berating (and probably trying to intimidate) another first-year-in-the-Big Ten coach (Rich Rodriguez) about successfully recruiting a kid who had never before been approached by the new coach.  In that case, the player was Roy Roundtree, a verbal commit to Purdue, and the comment that drew all the attention was Tiller's laughably infamous remark about coaches "wearing wizard hats and selling snake oil."  The beauty of the whole thing was that it gave Roundtree a perfect, indelible nickname for the rest of his career at Michigan.

Mr. Wizard Hat:

Ol' Snake Oil:

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Props to Hoke for not only not joining the ridiculousness on this one, but having our back ( -- linked by the tremendous michigan post).  The gentlemen's agreement idea is absurd, especially, as the blog points out, where it's a first year coach coming in mid-recruiting season.

Not going to say I like Hoke, mind you, but at least he seems to have some integrity.  Looking forward to the next Ten Year War.

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Of course Hoke is going to say that. He'd look like a huge hypocrite if he didn't.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I can't believe that I don't hate tsun as much as I did years ago. I actually respect Hoke as a coach and teacher. I also thought Richrod got a bum deal by getting reported to the NCAA for practice infractions. It would be great to have a rivalry like Woody and Bo had. I think the rivalry will be there but not the hatred. There will be respect for each other.

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Great write-up. This season can't come soon enough

Urban Warfare

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No, hatred is still there! Don't let all this ass kissin soften you guys up, its ttun for cripes sake!!

Texas is home but Buckeyes for life