The Next Will Hill

By Alex on January 17, 2012 at 11:12p

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Does he need pussy? I wasn't sure.

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I can see the recruiting pitch now: "Yuri.. our campus is filled with pussy. Just look at our numbers. Girl to Guy ratio is the best in the country."

If you ain't a Silver Bullet, you're a target

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Seriously with the "nigga" stuff again? Is there really no better way young black males can refer to each other? My personal favorite was "I can't even trust my mother, how my going to trust a bitch?" Terrific question Yuri, how are you?

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Wow...just wow...

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It will be interesting to see who signs this guy. It will say alot about their program. I know Michigan was after him at one point. Must have been one too many tweets even for them.

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What makes me cringe a little, is that Meyer was the coach who landed Will Hill at Florida. But didn't Meyer kick him off the team?? I could be wrong.

I'm willing to bet this kid ends up in the SEC since winning is all that matters to them.

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He doesn't sound Russian at all :/


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he and Ray Smalls should write a rap song together.......

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This is why twitter needs to go...


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No, this is why Twitter is fantastic.  It's like a free Wonderlic test for potential recruits.  Let them open their mouth and show their true colors before we recruit them on to campus.

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Hey guys, Ace Williams (author) here . . . anyone have any questions on the Yuri article? Folow me on Twitter also! - @chatsportsACE



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an articulate young man.


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He and Magnuson are on the all-Twitter team.