Chris Wormley to TSUN

By Alex on July 31, 2011 at 6:03p

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Correct; it is not a surprise.  But a pretty big deal, as I see it.  Wormley was a guy that the Buckeyes really wanted, yes?  Please, my 11W friends;  can I get some affirmation here?  Wormley had indeed been a Michigan lean for a while.  And he had clearly eliminated every other school but Michigan and OSU.  But he is a guy who the Buckeyes really wanted.  True?

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M Man, yes we wanted Wormley but I think everyone knew once RR was gone that if a decent coach was brought in Wormely was a Wolverine lean...once Hoke was hired it was probably 55-45 Michigan but once Mattison was hired I'd say it went to 60-40...once Tressel resigned it was about 99-1 in my book...This is a better get for Michigan than Kalis IMO

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Understand, none of us can predict automatic success for even a blue-chipper like Wormley.  The naysayers are already saying that Wormley might be a kid who peaked early in h.s. as one who was so physically dominant over the competition.  We'll see.  He'll get some good coaching from Mattison & co.  I'd like to think this will be a very good place for him.

Incidentally, my larger point was actually how rare it has been, that Michigan has gotten the kids that were equally prized by OSU and Michigan alike.  OSU has seemingly been winning about 90% of those individual battles for 4-5 stars, going back a number of years.

One of the erstwhile diarists at MGoBlog did some nice graphic analysis of Michigan's regional recruiting through the years.  And it was interesting that Bo Schembechler appears to have been the real master of Ohio recruiting; it fell off with Moeller, then moreso Carr.  The myth that Rodriguez didn't recruit Micihgan or Ohio effectively, at least in comparison to Carr, is just that; a myth.

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An in state school that offers one of the top prospects, not only at his position, in the whole state is certainly upset about the loss of the kid. Especially when the loss of said kid is to their chief rival.

However, I think most of us had written Wormley off long ago. We have pretty good depth already on the defensive line (especially end with Miller and Hayes coming in as Freshmen this year). Don't forget Washington is still out there and the Bucks I think are in good standing to land him.

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 

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We have to get Washington, if not for a statement more than anything.


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Of course Ohio State wanted Wormley. I don't know where you got the idea that they didn't, M Man? The biggest factor in my book was Tressel leaving and the scandal. If Tress was still there, I think we'd still have a shot. Oh well.

The kid hasn't peaked, IMO.  I've seen him play many times before, as I live in the Whitmer(Washington Local) School District and been to a few games the past couple years. It should be interesting to hear the back and forth between Kenny Hayes and him. Those two were a big reason why Whitmer made it to the state-semis last fall.



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I was being hyper-sensitive.  About the scenario in which Mighigan signs an Ohio h.s. star, and the automatic word from down south is that the kid was never that high of a priority for OSU recruiters, anyway.

I was also being honest; in recent years, we've gotten some very good kids from Ohio, but very few were true priority "steals" from OSU recruiting.  That was the point I was making.  And that Wormley is a difference-maker in that regard.  (Perhaps we in Ann Arbor think more than you do, of recruiting as a zero-sum game, in which kids that we can recruit out of Michigan and Ohio, are net losses for Spartans and Buckeyes.)

I'm pleased to hear you talk about Chris playing at a high level.  And I very much agree with you, if only based on what we fanatics hear from the recruiting blogs; that if Senator Tressel were still the incumbent, things would likely have been very different.

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I've seen him play as well as my nephew just finished competing in the City League last year. My only concern with Wormley is he seemed to take plays off from time to time - which maybe isn't incumbant to him in terms of high school players.

Personally, I see him moving inside during his college career. Lots of room left on this kid's frame and I think with his already existing footwork and handwork he'll be more dominant inside than outside (not sure he has good enough speed to be an effective outside rusher).

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 

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Wormley tends to like to taunt a QB after sacking him. He best not do that in Ohio Stadium. It has led to a few untimely 15 yard penalties for the Panthers. Kid definitely has a mean streak.