Michigan's Throwback Unis for the Notre Dame Game

By Jason Priestas on May 20, 2011 at 3:25p

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I love it.  Where are all the goblue bloggers who jumped all over us for our throwback uni's?  Talk about karma.  This is beautiful. 

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I'm sure to be in the minority on this one, but I actually dig the look.  The uniform strikes me as actually being retro, rather than the Nike pro-combat stuff which is "inspired" by old uniforms but in fact looks nothing like them. 

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since it is a scUM jersey, it is automatically toilet paper.... but from an asthetics point of view, Adidas did a hell of a job

Cause I couldn't go for three

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Is this the bumblebee outfit Belushi and others wore on the old SNL's?

Long live the southend.

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Since I really hate the notion of any of you guys supporting Freep.com with page-hits, here's Doc Saturday's more-informative stroll through the previous two centuries in Ann Arbor:


The interesting thing is that (a) I really don't think it is all settled yet, and (b), like the final scenes in "Risky Business," we may be mixing up our eras.

Supposedly, Michigan's throwback helmets will feature numbers, as was the case in the early 60's when just about every team in the country had helmet-numbers:

Now, what I had thought was that by going back to helmets with numbers on them, we might be able to get a waiver of the NCAA rule (Rule 1-4-4-f) that really does require jerseys with numbers on the front and back, no less than 1.5 inches wide, and at least 8 inches high in front and 10 in back.  My thinking was, if we put the numbers back on helmets maybe they'll give us a waiver for having no numbers in front...

But the story is supposedly that in addition to what you see in the model pictures, there will actually be an added small number, hockey-style, in the upper chest opposite the adidas logo.  Of course that isn't exactly compliant with the Rule, either.  And even uglier, by almost any reckoning, than what is seen so far.

What can you say about throwback unis?  They are pretty much guaranteed to cause consternation among your own fans, and ridcule among opposing fans.  And, in the case of schools like OSU and Michigan, sell lots of memorabilia swag.

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Looks like some kind of weird European soccer jersey.

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I don't think European soccer is that weird.  You'd have to figure out a weirder, more obscure sport.  Rugby, or Australian Rules football.  Hurling.  I like hurling; "the clash of the ash."

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That was my impression when I saw those things: that they wanted to harken back to a day when American football was more like rugby.