TCU Billboards Popping up Around CBus

By Corey Carpenter on January 7, 2011 at 10:57a

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Exactly.  Thanks Wisconsin, for giving hope and providing ammo to the Bruce Hooley's of the world.

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What was the Vince Lombardi quote?  Something like, "Son, if you get into the end zone, act like you've been there before...not like your from Conference Little Sisters of the Poor"...or something. 

Did we put billboards up all over Mark May's front yard every year since 2001?  I think not.

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OSU fans have put up billboards about victories over Michigan.  It's all in good fun, I wouldn't take it too seriously.  And for all of TCU's "we did this for the non-AQs" rhetoric, it's fairly glaring that the Frogs are up and joining the very AQ conferences that they claim are so greedy/unfair/selfish/haughty. 

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Priceless. Thinking we deserve this thanks to E. Gordon Gee.

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I think this is well-deserved.  Gee embarrassed all of us.  A lot of us actually agreed with him at the time.  So, they deserve to gloat.  I think it's great.

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I can only speak for myself but he didn't embarass me one bit.  I did agree with him but that doesn't mean I didn't think TCU had a great team this year.  I don't think they could make it through a whole season in the Big Ten or SEC without a loss.  They had to rely on a failed two point conversion to win the one game they played against a Big Ten team with one month to prepare for. It was a much deserved win and a great game but this is just my opinion.    

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I agree as well. Gee was vindicated first when Boise State lost... a second time when TCU rushed to join the Big East... and may be a third time when Patterson gets hired by Michigan.

Maybe he'll be vindicated again if the Big East dissolves as a BCS football conference in a few years and TCU is looking around for a chair again when the music stops.

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Has anyone seen these around town? Did they only buy them in bombed-out wastelands like Whitehall or something like that?

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I saw this very billboard (a digital sign that rotates a bunch of ads) near the intersection of Bethel Road and Godown Road... I was at the stoplight and saw a TCU ad flash up there for a few seconds and it didn't dawn on me what it was at first. Before I realized it was a dig at us the ad changed and I wondered for a moment if the small tag line at the bottom said "Sisters of the Poor" - which 11dub has just confirmed for me.

Pretty funny on multiple levels...

What a bunch of tools these people are though. One and done!

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Funny, you would think being a Christian school they would somehow want to turn the other cheek.

However, I do believe when Gee made his little sisters of the poor comment he was referring to the title game.  TCU played great in the Rose, but we all know Bielema's shoddy play calling didnt do the Badgers any favors. I would never want to take away from their win, but this is a bit classless IMO.

Last I looked, in sports you settle it on the field--not in advertising. Oh, wait we tried that, but they wouldnt sign on the dotted line.  Sounds more like Little Sisters of the Scared.

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"Funny, you would think being a Christian school they would somehow want to turn the other cheek."

Its hard to make this argument because Tressel runs perhaps the most religious football program I've seen in a public school. More religous than Notre Dame's current program, I'd say. It seems they've given up on the whole Catholic football program thing.



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Funny, you would think being a Christian school they would somehow want to turn the other cheek.


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Yeah. Gee said what everybody else thinks but wouldn't say, hence why they weren't in the title game. Also, winning one game doesn't prove Gee wrong. I think TCU/Boise St are very good teams and they can beat anybody out there. However, I don't think they can go unbeaten against Florida one week, LSU the next, Miss, Vandy, Bama, Georgia.

or Penn State one week, Iowa the next, Wisky, Sparty, Ohio State...


or USC, Oregon State, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford...

and so on.


Have fun in the Big East. A conference which could possibly be worse, except there's an automatic bid. UCONN = Big East Champs. (And they got spanked by scUM).

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I don't think TCU is a bad team and I know that University didn't pay for the sign, but Buckeye Nation doesn't have to take that sh!t from them. Thats like the little guy in the Christmas Story barking at people behind the back of the bully. We, as a fanbase have had to take that sh!t from SEC fans for way too long and didn't have a leg to stand on until now. TCU has done nothing to warrant the same treatment toward us. Guess what, we knocked the bully down. Next? Your move..what are you going to do? Put a sign up mocking the Buckeyes. Please! That was one man opening his stupid mouth about something he didn't know anything about. (Although he was kinda right) Maybe this years SOS wasn't leaps and bounds beyond what Potatoe State and TCU's was but how about OSU schedule last year? We play tougher competition on a regular basis than either of them. We didn't know Miami was going to tuck it's ---- between it's legs and go all feminine. Both previously mentioned teams are good teams and even GEE didn't denounce their abilities, just the level of competition they were playing against every week. Air Force is really the only decent team TCU beat. I am not buying into Utah at all. Their defense was above average at best, with very little offense. The only thing I can equate this too is a talented newcomer stepping to the mic after his first victory calling out the Champ. Okay, maybe we aren't the champ this year but were at least one of the top contenders.

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i wonder how serious bret bielema approached preparation for the rose bowl... i guess not very

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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My response to this is two-fold:

1. Thanks for supporting the Columbus economy by buying ad space for your silly publicity stunt.

2. Gordon Gee was right, and that's why you guys are still upset about it.