13 Players in the Hospital

By Jason Priestas on January 26, 2011 at 5:23p

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First things first; I hope the kids have a quick and full recovery from whatever the heck it was that struck them.

Jason, perhaps, KF was busy recruiting to replace any players that were unlucky enough to fully recover. Also, the article gave the impression that this workout was unsupervised, to the extent of having responsible adults overseeing it.

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Bizarre stuff out of Iowa. If they have used this workout before, like they said, then something must have changed...diet, supplement...something. If it's a rare occurrence for 1 player to go to the hospital, then 13 is WAY out of whack. It will be very interesting to see how this investigation goes.

Supposedly the entire platoon of strength coaches and trainers were on hand for these workouts, but Iowa leaves them out of the press conference. No Ferentz, no Gary Barta (AD)...if not for the father of one of the players shedding some light on the workouts themselves, that entire press conference would have been completely worthless. 

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Knowing Iowa, I have money that the events went down like this. Thursday: Lower Body and the specualted 240lbsx100 reps routine. Fridays: Upper Body Conditioning. Sat-Sunday: Binge Drinking. Monday: More lower body and a trip to the ER due to dehydration.

You think KF could afford to say yeah we had some stupid kids participate in underage drinking and got hurt when trying to exert themselves the next day? I think that would be more negative publicity that Iowa wouldn't want. Criminal act > Extensive workout. It's just an uneducated guess. I have been under some of the most grueling workouts known to man; self inflicted work outs as well as two-adays in football, conditioning in wrestling, and Marine Corps bootcamp. I never saw anything like this out of the platoon of near 100 men. There had to be an outside factor contributing to this. Alas, I am no doctor so I don't know.

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There are many causes of rhabdomyolysis.  For a strenuous workout to cause it alone, particularly in 13 individuals, is suspect to say the least.  The binge drinking/dehydration is an interesting theory, but hey, this is Iowa, and that scenario has probably been repeated over and over with no mass conditions reported previously.  It is much more likely that some type of supplement was used, with or without the knowledge of the conditioning coaches.  There are lots of substances that could cause this, particularly when administered prior to a rigorous workout.  And, the fact that all the tweets and social network postings of the players have been censored causes much speculation that there is a desire to keep any of the truth from slipping out.