Stewart Mandel Feels Very Stupid Today

By poguemahone on December 5, 2010 at 9:07p

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Poe McKnoe's picture

It's the old saying..."If you put your money to it, you can accomplish anything."

Jason Priestas's picture

Poe's right to a degree, but that's still a hell of a find.

True story, after the Iowa game last season, I'm standing behind Mandel in the press room and the back of his sweater has blades of grass on it like he'd been playing in the grass. No idea how, but it was weird to say the least.

Bobcat04's picture

I can't honestly take anything Auburn has done seriously considering all that's happened.  They may go on to win the MNC, but that will always have an asterisk next to it for me.  This whole thing is as dirty as it gets.

Denny's picture

And here I am, like some naïve jackass, thinking mud wrestling was as dirty as it gets.