Six Buckeyes Invited to NFL Combine

By Kyle Rowland on February 6, 2014 at 12:17p

This year's NFL Combine, which takes place at Lucas Oil Stadium from Feb. 19-24, includes 335 players and a record 85 underclassmen. Six of those 335 are former Buckeyes — Jack Mewhort, Corey Linsley, Ryan Shazier, Carlos Hyde, Bradley Roby and Philly Brown. 

It's not uncommon for players to be added late in the process, so there remains a possibility that more Ohio State players could appear. 

Shazier, Hyde and Roby figure to be Ohio State's three best prospects. All three will likely be taken in the first three rounds with the first round not out of question. Mewhort is in the third- to fourth-round range. 

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PittBuckeye's picture

Good for Philly, I wouldn't have guessed he'd get the invite.

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Here's to hoping they tear shit up...

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Here's hoping Kenny G and Christian Bryant get added to the list at some point.

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Bryant won't be fully healed by then. If he is healed, he's probably not in the shape he needs to be. Hopefully he will be ready for the pro day.

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really hope CB gets the invite and has a bright future.

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A bit surprised Norwell didn't get invited. He's been a consistent All-Conference level guy for a couple years. He seems like the bruising, mean kind of guard every team could use.

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Good luck fellas, go get 'em.

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I'm surprised that Andrew Nor well didn't get an invitation. I would have pegged him as our 5th best draft prospect after Shazier, Hyde, Roby, and Mewhort. He certainly has the size, skill, and tenacity to be an NFL lineman. Any insight into why he didn't make the cut?

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The first 200 guys they pick are basically automatic.  When you start getting into the 7th round - FA guys it is a crapshoot.  Plenty of guys miss the combine and make a roster, at least make a camp.

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I would imagine the rest of our guys should get a chance to impress at the Ohio State pro day workout.  If you don't mind going to ESPN here is a schedule:

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No Norwell?


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I remember a time that we had more than twice that many DRAFTED into the first and second rounds.  Urban will get us back to that point again.  Best of luck to them, regardless of how many!  Patience, Grasshopper.

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12 buckeyes drafted in the 1st 2 rounds? When? Seriously Dill - that has never happened -thanks for the dv though


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I misspoke on the issue.  We had 14 NFL drafted players on the field (O and D) on one of our mid 90s teams.  They were not all drafted in one single season, but were all drafted.  No DV from me, sir?  My apologies.

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np - the best draft we have had in the first 2 rounds is 6 in 2006 - 5 in the first, 1 in the 3rd. (Hawk & company)

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Actually it was after we won the NC in '02, we had the most players ever drafted (14) beating miami's previous record. I also think we have the record for 1st round and overall draft picks. That's pretty good and it's only gonna get better with the talent Meyer's brought in.

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Maybe I'm being a homer but I truly believe that Mewhort will have a more successful career than Taylor "Richie Incognito" Lewan.

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Shazier will be a beast on the drills. 

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Roby will impress in the drills. Hopefully he does the same once he hits the field.

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Marcus Hall could hear his name called this year. Huge frame, good run blocker. Good value in the late rounds.


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Also knows how to use his hands well!  

All kidding aside, it will be interesting to see whether Linsley, Hall and Norwell have long careers.  There have been some surprises in the recent past that come to mind (Browning and Cordle, for example).

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If Alex Boone can hold down an NFL roster spot, I see no reason why any four of the draft-eligible tOSU lineman couldn't make a team.

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Good crop of men representing at the combine, that is for sure.

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Good luck boys, good luck, represent tOSU well!

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