Ohio State Posts Assistant Coach Opening

By Jordan Wagner on January 11, 2014 at 1:03p
Who is applying?

Ohio State has posted an open assistant football coach position to replace outgoing assistant Mike Vrabel. Ohio law mandates the position be posted for at least one week. 

Do you have experience coaching football (sorry, your NCAA 14 experience may not qualify)? Here is your opportunity to apply for a position with Ohio State.

Urban Meyer surely has names in mind and he is free to interview candidates before the deadline, however, a hire won't be permitted until January 20. This could have an effect on recruiting, especially since the staff would like to add at least one more defensive lineman in this class. The NCAA mandated dead period ends this week. 

The job opening created by Everett Withers' departure has already been posted and an hire could legally be made at any time. 


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Chief B1G Dump's picture

I submitted my resume you guys!
Ill let you all know what happens.
I have 20+ years experience in both college and pros across various gaming systems (starting with Tecmo Bowl).
Wish me luck.

OSU_ALUM_05's picture

Hopefully they don't see the film of you trying to tackle Walter Payton on the original Tecmo Bowl ....might be your undoing in the interview

Yeti's have feelings too.

Matt Gutridge's picture

Chief B1G Dump,
Good luck with the interview process. Just to let you know I also applied and my coaching experience started a few years before yours:

If I get the job I'll send you a six pack of

Kennywayne34's picture

whoa..isntant flashback back of mop up time after my dad and buddies were done with the 2600 for the night.

BUCK-I-FAN's picture

I started with the electronic game, then the paper football game, then onto the mattel hand held, then tecmo bowl , super toe etc...

BassDropper's picture

I wonder if they will wait to make both hires after the 19th? 


Jordan Wagner's picture

I don't really see what the positives for doing so would be. If Urban finds a guy he wants, I'm sure he will hire him immediately. The dead period ends in just a few days. It's important to have a full staff ready to recruit, or at least 9 of 10. 

I wouldn't be surprised if a hire isn't made in the next few days, but I think the is because Urban is searching for the best fit. 

My2Sons's picture

Urban already knows who's filling what spots.

AllDay028's picture

If that was the case, we would have already made one of the hires.

LouGroza's picture

Never thought about the fact that these positions would fall under state job posting rules. No real big deal, just more of a pain for the wait and formality more than anything. 

fanfarris's picture

It is more important now to get the star DC..


UABuckeye's picture

I've won 5 straight National Titles as a HC on the college level and I've brought Super Bowl Glory to the ATL Falcons twice. I'm a slam dunk hire that Urban would be foolish not to interview. *Turns on Playstation*

Follow me @jaythesportsguy

Wesleyburgess1's picture

So do we have to wait till the 19th to see who the new D-line coach will be, or do they not take that rule seriously and hire one now? I hope its a big name.

xrox's picture

Do you think this is how Tressel applied? I think he may be the only guy that would get hired like this.

Buckeye1996's picture

They forgot one qualification:
1) Must be able to run into a solid object head first, preferably a brick wall.

Ethos's picture

Or a white board!

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

cinserious's picture

Or knock heads with a Buckeye wearing a helmet (while not wearing one).

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Coqui's picture

So Gus Frerotte is our new DC?

Nkohl13's picture

Well I did hold Kentucky to negative rushing yards in my online dynasty. I know its a video game but you just can't ignore that type of success.


The fact the Stanford DL coach played for Woody sounds like a match made in heaven. Dont think we'll see that guy headbutt any helmeted players but I think the DL will be in good hands :)

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

buckeyeboy59's picture

Well recently in my NCAA 14 online dynasty with Texas I have been scoring at least 80 points a game on All American difficulty. My defense usually allows no more than 10 points per game. Also, my defense would have about 10 more interceptions if they held on to the ball. 
I have also won ten straight national championships in my LSU dynasty while pulling in the #1 recruiting class every year. That speaks for itself.
I cannot remember the last time I lost to a person online. I dominate every opponent on my way to victory.
I know I'm qualified for this job, what do you guys think?

warosu's picture

Try it on Heisman difficulty!

sb97's picture

Its strange but I have been following the coaching situations at PSU and UTexas (I live in Austin) more closely than Ohio States.   I think part of it is that I am pretty confident we are going to make a good choice.  The rest has to do with my proximity to Texas and the fact that the PSU situation is a big deal.  I know some or even most of you dont agree but I consider them our second rival behind Michigan (with a nod towards Wisconsin).

USMC11917's picture

How good was the hire of Whithers? Was it vastly considered a success or a failure? I've read extensively that he was a great recruiter. Asking a question and not insinuating one way or the other.

PittBuckeye's picture

Just want to hear some actual news about candidates instead of "we should hire X because he once watched an Ohio State game and enjoyed it"

BassDropper's picture

How likely is Ed Orgeron?


cinserious's picture

Actually, Orgeron would be pretty sweet considering he can recruit, gets his guys hyped up, and he would open up plenty of avenues in the deep south to undermine the 'Bama's and LSU's down there.  (Of course, 11W would have to hire CajunBuckeye on as a full-time translator so the rest of us folks could grasp his lingo, lol.)
Truth is, Orgeron won't settle for anything less than head coach after how USC did him. OSU could, however get great value in taking LSU's LB coach and making him LB coach/ DC/ and Asst head coach, then move Fickell down to his natural DL position coach and call it a day.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Knarcisi's picture

Please scan resumes for this:
- experienced in tackling technique
- philosophy of attacking defense with man to man coverage 
- believer in teaching DBs how to turn head and play ball

buckeyedude's picture

I'm waiting for the equipment manager or Buckeye Water Boy to take their talents elsewhere. Then I'll pounce.



I_Run_The_Dave's picture

I read Ross's defensive breakdowns so that makes me qualified.