Buckeye Nation Reacts to Last Night's Comeback Win over Notre Dame

December 22, 2013 at 11:07a    by DJ Byrnes    

Ohio State went on a 14-3 run to close out last night's game in Madison Square Garden over the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. It was a win of dramatic fashion, and Buckeye Nation was watching. Needless to say, the outcome pleased them:

Fair play, Amadeo, fair play indeed.



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Loved the last tweet from Amedeo.  They'll be calling out O-Hs and I-Os in Rome before he's done here. 

Remain calm.  It's only a game.

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Did that about seven years ago when I saw someone also sporting an OSU t-shirt by Trevi foundation. Got a very nasty eyeroll from the wife for it too! Well worth it.

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That twittter from Amedeo was just simply PERFECT !

Only a Buckeye truly understands what it means to bleed Scarlett and Gray

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MSG is a special place in basketball history.  Very nice that The Bucks have some game-winning comebacks as part of the history there. 

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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I was busting my butt to get home from Oklahoma AGAIN (OSUvsTTUN) got in the door@ 2131 figured oh well. it's over, tuned it on the box, and INSTANT CARDIAC FOOD..... I felt the adrenalin rush through my body as I watched an INTENSIVE COMEBACK............ WAY to chill the pill BUCKS..........  Hail hail to old notre  dumm............  Give em a running chance an they still lose.... 

Upon this Rock, I build my house....and Let no man put asunder

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And I was dumb enough to turn it off down by 8 with less than two minutes left. I won't make that mistake again

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Call me behind the times, but what does it mean when someone posts a square or multiple squares?

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They are emojis usually smiley faces etc but you have to have the pack installed to see it. For example they would show up on an iphone like this.

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Ohhh, thank you!  I'd been wondering why my computer didn't seem to have the font that everyone on Twitter was using...

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Those are Crimmas presents :) Tis da season

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Notre derp FTW!


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I switched seats with a minute left and stayed there, at a terrible angle, not being able to see, for the remainder of the game, dumb superstition I know. Right before we won, up by 3 with hardly no time left, I went to a seat where I could see and rewound to watch the awesome comeback. My dad had stepped out to smoke a cigarette, before the game was officially over. He came back in and saw me watching the replay thinking it was live. "O no what happened.?!?!" Haha i told him ND made a half court 3 to send it to OT. Took him about a full minute of confused problem solving to realize I was rewatching the final minute. Haha. 
Great comeback!


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The locker room video clip was so great. What a win!

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