NCAA (Possibly) Willing to Grant Power Conferences More Autonomy

December 12, 2013 at 10:02a    by DJ Byrnes    
Mark Emmert the Self-Styled King Tut

From ESPN:

NEW YORK -- The five power conferences of college sports want more flexibility in providing financial support to athletes.

A major reason they lack that freedom in the first place is other NCAA members have feared widening the wealthiest programs' competitive advantage.

Now NCAA president Mark Emmert and the leaders of those behemoth leagues must convince schools with fewer resources that giving the power conferences greater autonomy is in the best interest of college athletics.

"What's really hard in these kinds of things is for people to vote themselves less political authority," Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said Wednesday. "They don't do that. That's not a natural thing to do."

Hmmm. Sounds like it would be in the best interest of the NCAA to give power conferences more autonomy, because otherwise the power conferences could walk away from the NCAA banner all together, and where would that leave the NCAA? (Maybe that's why they'd vote for less political authority, Jim.)

Competing against financial giants isn't in the best interest of the Directional States of the world when they're sending their football lambs off to the slaughter for massive paydays, and it won't be any more in their interest when the SEC's underground player market gets legalized.



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Why not let them get drafted and stay in college like baseball does already?  Don't they get to keep the signing bonus?  

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You can't sign a contract and receive a signing bonus and retain amateur status. A better model is the NHL where you are drafted and a team retains your signing rights through college or junior hockey. Still, no money changes hands. 

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Well I'm sure the NCAA will discuss this with the SEC to make sure they are ok with letting other conferences to do what they (the SEC) have been doing for years.
see Bama coach caught paying giving short term interest free loans to players and not penalizing the school.


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Don't forget any extra money has to be offered equally to all scholarship athletes, not just football and basketball players to remain compliant with Title IX. In the case of OSU, that's nearly 1K student-athletes. Say you pay $125 per month for the ten months school is in session. That comes to an extra $1.25M.  

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.
Vince Lombardi

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When Jimmy D speaks, you have to listen to what he really means. He says things in public to get the public reaction he needs to negotiate. He wants you to think he means what he says. He's crafty like that.
I have mixed feelings about the NCAA disbanding. It would likely mean a good 8 team playoff between the power conference schools only. Hopefully it would also mean you only get to schedule from those tough teams and we'd see B1G-SEC games all year round and in Northern stadiums occasionally. But on the other hand it will mean paying players and basically turn the game into the NFL game.

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The problem with paying players on the books is Title IX. If you pay footballers you have to pay the women's hockey team. Good luck with that. Auburn has already offered up the perfect model, just pay the parent(s) via booster off the books.

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and then deny, deny, deny