Michigan State Fans Back-Doored Their Way into Stanford's Rose Bowl Ticket Alotment

December 11, 2013 at 11:33a    by DJ Byrnes    
MSU Students "Riot" After the B1G Championship Game

From The Stanford Daily:

The sellout came as little surprise after a tremendous season for Stanford. On the back of tremendous expectations for the preseason top-five Cardinal, 2013 marked the first year in school history in which Stanford sold out its complete allotment of home games.

Yet there is concern that Michigan State fans may have played some part in the limited ticket availability for the Rose Bowl. Some Spartans fans revealed that they had paid Stanford’s season ticket deposit for access to guaranteed tickets in Stanford’s allotment. Because of this, a smaller allotment of Stanford’s tickets would have been available when the general sale later opened.

Loophole aside, the overall high interest in tickets from Stanford’s opponent also contributed to the lightning-quick sale. Last year, special circumstances had allowed Stanford to slightly exceed its usual allotment due to the fact that Wisconsin was playing in its third straight Rose Bowl and, thus, experienced lower-than-average demand. This year, with Michigan State playing in its first-ever BCS bowl, ticket allotments for Stanford were much more stringent.

 TIL: Michigan State fans have some hustlers in their fanbase. Hopefully they do the damn thing in the Rose Bowl, for the Big Ten's sake, anyway.



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No worries, the East Lansing PD are busy looking for the guy with the "Burn the Couch" sign.

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I just figured he was a disgruntled Browns fan

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Got get em Sparty!  Do us proud.

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Michigan State Fans Back-Doored Their Way into Stanford's Rose Bowl Ticket Alotment

If only we had taken care of business Saturday, MSU could've back-doored their way into the game, and the tickets!

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Perhaps if they built a large wooden badger...

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I'd love to root for the big ten but I'm a closet Stanford fan, sooooo...


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Respect. Outmaneuver the genius nerds of Palo Alto via the internets.

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They out-Stanforded a bunch of nerds. That shouldn't be possible. 

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And within the week 10,000 MSU fans will file for bankruptcy because of a "glitch" that occurred with online banking.
"No seriously, what happened to all my money?"
Guys, you know it's a crackhead-type fantasy to think it possible to outsmart Stanfordians.  They secretely rule the world through their Mac Books and Smartphones, and could have us killed with a drone basically whenever.  And their foes are people who were too mentally handicapped to get in Michigan.  I'm pretty sure I could have been blackout drunk from the first day of high school until graduation and still gotten in UM.  Also, being that trashed would explain the ridiculous decision of applying for admission into that septic tank of higher education.
If i was as drunk as I am right now, I still could have gotten in.  Hell, they would have thrown me right into either their accelerated pre-med or pre-law programs without even thinking about the dangers of a absolutely frickin waster surgeon or lawyer.  Haha what dumbasses.

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huhuhuhhhh... "back door."