2013-14 Bowl Game Gift List Released

By Kyle Rowland on December 10, 2013 at 10:23a
There will be plenty of trips to Best Buy.

One of the best college lists of the year is out. No, not the top party school or prettiest looking girls — the bowl game gift list.

The NCAA is ridiculed for just cause about every time criticism is thrown their way. But they do allow each bowl game to award up to $550 worth of gifts to players from each school. Combined with the warm weather (for most games), it creates a good experience at the end of long season. As cliche as that might sound, it's true. 

For those wondering what a gift suite is, it's when players are given the opportunity to pick between several different items. 

So which teams get the best postseason gifts?

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Timmeh's picture

Ps4 for the military bowl... Nice

droessl's picture

There'll be a lot of Fossil watches on ebay in January 

FitzBuck's picture

But it's a form of memorabilia.  Let the suspensions rain down.  

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buckeyefanatic's picture

I think Ohio State closed the chapter on that one.  Not something the NCAA will punish anyone with anymore.
Wait, maybe I should have left that in standard font.

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dcviper's picture

Believe me, if I see any shitty Fossil watches with the "Beef 'O'Brady's St. Petersberg Bowl" logo on them on ebay I'm buying it. And calling the NCAA as soon as it gets here.

FROMTHE18's picture

...and part of the gift suite is a coupon for '1 game of no soft zone coverage'

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ahhhh Best Buy! Screw you Best Buy and your limited warranty!

Unky Buck's picture

■ Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl
Sat., Dec. 28, 10:15 p.m. (ESPN); Tempe, Ariz.
Gift suite; Fossil watch; Ogio Cube backpack

What, no B-dubs gift cards that Hoke can get from his players? Color me disappointed.

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OSU_ALUM_05's picture

Left Side of NCAA's mouth:  Don't pay players
Right Side of NCAA's mouth:  Giving "gifts" for bowl appearances is ok
Left Side of NCAA's mouth:  Don't sell memorabilia that you own
Right Side of NCAA's mouth:  Bowl gifts aren't really memorabilia ... kids will be kids
Left Side of NCAA's mouth:  I hate hypocrites.
Right Side of NCAA's mouth:  Who you callin' a hypocrite?

Yeti's have feelings too.

Riggins's picture

I don't know anyone under 40 who stilll wears a watch as a necessity. Stop with all the watch gifts, please. I have this thing in my pocket called a cell phone. I think it can handle telling time.

Jdadams01's picture

It's been jewelry for a long time. That's why jewelers sell watches.

bcksfan07's picture

It's not by necessity, but I'm a 24 year old who wears a watch at work every day. And check it frequently if my phone isn't on me at the moment, if I'm in a meeting, etc. Watches serve a function, and as stated in the previous comment serve as a part of men's fashion as well.

Riggins's picture

I implied that a watch is more of a fashion symbol than anything.  But is a Fossil watch (with an Idaho Potato Bowl logo on the face) really high fashion? It's a shitty gift. (In before "nobody can complain about free stuff").

JKH1232's picture

Nobody can complain about free stuff. (It Had To Be Done.)

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I'm 30 and I still wear watches. And not even as a fashion accessory (although I have some of those as well). My everyday watch is a G-Shock Mudman.

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They should give gifts according to each school's tradition. Some examples would be:
Michigan - Turd Sandwich
Oregon - Nothing. They have a Nike factory on campus. That's a gift.
Notre Dame - Posters of next year's preseason top 25.
Florida State - handcuff lock picks
Ohio State - Since we had to vacate the 2010 season, the NCAA should vacate the money they made off of that team and divide it among the players on this year's team.

"I'm in favor of it" - John McKay, on the execution of his team.