This Time for Real: Videos, Vines and Photos from Mirror Lake Jump 2013

By 11W Staff on November 27, 2013 at 5:30a

So, Tuesday night's officially sanctioned Mirror Lake Jump lacked a bro giving the Braveheart speech before storming the lake, but that doesn't mean it was anything but tremendous, yet again. The Lantern reported 11,000 students showed up to jump, dry off, and resume hurling insults towards Ann Arbor.

Here's the best of Mirror Lake Jump 2013 in sights and sounds.

We'd be remiss if we didn't compliment @MirrorLakeJump, @Oval_Beach, @TheFakeLantern, @TheLantern@Mattaritaville and many others for chronicling two nights of madness. The Ohio State University Police Department, as well. Outstanding work.



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Pretty cool Urbs, Eddie, Gigi, Brax, and all were out in full force!!


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My favorite is Gigi.

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Smiled through the whole piece. Made my day. I love the brothers reaction to the crazy dude sporting the Marble Bag! Beat Meatigan! GO BUCKEYES!

" It's real good whatcha done Anthony, real good ! "

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Nice to see all Eddie, Gigi, Braxton, and UFM.  The winner of forever still has to be the guy with a "Mark May is a Douche" shirt.

"Because I couldn't go for three."  - Woody Hayes

OSUPhilosopherAndHomer's picture

That's aweso_e! And that "Who Gon' Stop Us" song is actually growing on _e.... I gotta go listen to so_e Judas Priest or so_ething.... and fast!! haha

“This is America! And in America, if something sucks, you're supposed to be able to get your money back!”

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Looked awesome. Some reason, seemed less chaotic than my glory days at OSU a few years ago. 

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Does anyone know if the girl with the christmas sweater and spandex found the love she was lookin for?

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Man, just watching that made me chilled to the bone.  LOL

"I miss Brady Hoke."

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That is freaking funny!

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Eddie George's sweater tho


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I graduated from Ohio State in 2006, and the jump was a very popular activity for students (still on Thursday - represent). But it seemed like no one outside of Ohio State knew about it. There was a little bit of news coverage in 2005 and 2006, but that was it. Does anyone else remember it that way? It's funny to me what a big deal it has since become. 

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I want to go back to Ohio State, to ol' Columbus town.....
Bringing back memories to a '94 grad....(man tear)
Go Buckeyes!
Muck Fichigan!

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The Auburn-Alabama rivalry is better....