Meyer: I Don’t Like Disrespecting Other Teams

By Kyle Rowland on November 12, 2013 at 2:30p
Evan Spencer has entered witness protection.

Evan Spencer-gate is coming to an end. The wide receiver apologized publicly last night on Twitter after his Monday afternoon comments made national headlines. That was after head coach Urban Meyer had a chat with Spencer.

“I can’t stand it,” Meyer said.

It came along with a message that Spencer will not be speaking with the media again for a very long time. The disappointment for Meyer came because he views Spencer’s tone and language as poor sportsmanship.

“I don’t like disrespecting other teams,” Meyer said.


Urban Meyer:

  • Meyer said the unit that’s been better than expected is kick and punt coverage, while the linebackers are the group that needs to improve.
  • Meyer said he’s encouraged by Joshua Perry's evolution but said he has long way to go to reach the standard Ohio State linebackers have set.
  • So far, Taylor Decker is the “Reid Fragel Award” guy this season. Meyer said he started slow and has steadily progressed.
  • “There are lot of really good teams in our conference right now,” Meyer said. How to get more respect? Meyer said it comes with winning marquee non-conference games and bowl games.
  • Meyer thinks Kenny Guiton has a lot to do with Braxton Miller's recent surge. Meyer believes Guiton showed Miller how to prepare and practice properly.

Tim Beckman:

  • Beckman said the team is aware of the 19-game conference losing streak, but he believes they’ve made strides. Beckman said the players know it takes making plays and capitalizing in games.
  • There was instant success for Beckman at Toledo. He said it’s tougher to have a quick turnaround in the Big Ten, especially when you have as much youth as Illinois. But he sees progress from 2012 to 2013.
  • The key to slowing down Carlos Hyde is disrupting his rhythm and gang tackling, according to Beckman.

Brady Hoke:

  • After a disastrous two weeks, Hoke is trying to rally the troops: “You can’t worry about what the press says, and what people on the outside say. They don’t know.”
  • Hoke remains confident in his team. He pointed to all they’ve been through – 5:30 workouts, hot summer days, spring and fall camp, etc. He said the media didn’t go through all of that.
  • Jake Ryan is a great leader, providing inspiration to his teammates. But Hoke said they don’t want to push him too hard, too fast.
  • A Big Ten title was Hoke’s goal until last week. Now, he’s aiming toward a 10-win season.

Gary Andersen:

  • Consider Andersen the opposite of many coaches. He said he won’t actively campaign for the Badgers to be in a BCS bowl. “Not my style, not my deal.”
  • Another peg in Melvin Gordon and James White’s success is they learn things from each other, according to Andersen.
  • Wisconsin has Indiana this week. Andersen said the defense has to constantly be in good position to execute effectively against the Hoosiers’ passing attack.

Bo Pelini:

  • Tommy Armstrong is a natural confident player, Pelini said, but he admitted the game-winning drive against Michigan should give him a “jolt.”
  • Pelini said the more Armstrong plays, the better he will get. It’s all about reps. Pelini said Armstrong has already made great strides in the past month. He believes Armstrong is a future star.
  • The Michigan State defense isn’t about hype, Pelini said. They’ve done it all year long. “You give credit where credit’s due, and they deserve it.” Pelini said Michigan State has all the ingredients you want in a great defense.

Mark Dantonio:

  • Dantonio said he’s been impressed with defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi since he hired him in 2004. Dantonio believes the time is coming for Narduzzi to be a head coach. Added that he believes it’s well deserved.
  • The focus for Michigan State isn’t necessarily Nebraska but the Big Ten Championship Game, according to Dantonio. He said it just so happens that road goes through Lincoln.
  • The Spartans have not beaten Nebraska. Dantonio said the past will not be part of any speeches this week. He said you can’t live in the past, you can only learn from it.
  • Dantonio’s keys for success: relentless defense, an opportunistic offense and superior special teams – AKA Tresselball.

Kirk Ferentz:

  • The end of traditional, power offenses is greatly exaggerated, Ferentz said. He pointed out Michigan State and Wisconsin’s success, as well as the Badgers winning three consecutive conference titles.
  • “All three of those teams you mentioned are playing very, very well on defense. You have to have good players and they have be well-coached, and that certainly describes those three.” –Ferentz on Ohio State, Michigan State and Wisconsin.
  • Ferentz said he doesn’t vote in the Coaches Poll because he doesn’t feel like he can realistically evaluate all the teams. He’s too tied into his own team and that game week. Unless they mandate he vote, Ferentz said he’s going to ask not to be a part of it.

Jerry Kill:

  • Kill believes Minnesota’s off week is coming at a good time. Gophers can have injuries heal and not get too caught up in current four-game win streak.
  • Kill said he’s proud of his team not having a letdown. They could have easily had one after beating Nebraska for first time in 50 years or winning thriller over Indiana with Penn State looming. But Kill said the team stuck to fundamentals and what made them a winning team.
  • During Minnesota’s recent string of success, Kill said everyone wants to contribute. Guys are playing hard on special teams and asking where they can fit in. “At the end of the day, we all want to win.”

Darrell Hazell:

  • Hazell said it’s important to protect Danny Etling, both physically and for future confidence. Hazell believes the offensive line and Etling will be solid in the future.
  • The seniors on the team may not see immediate results this season. But Hazell said he’s preached to them that they’re laying the foundation for future success at Purdue.

Bill O’Brien:

  • Christian Hackenberg has not hit a wall, O’Brien said. Everything Hackenberg is seeing this year is the first time he’s gone through it (without a spring practice). That said, O’Brien thinks he’s done a nice job and will only get better.
  • O’Brien said the future is not in his thought process at the moment. He wants to concentrate on sending the senior class off on a strong finish. The offseason is about the future.

Pat Fitzgerald:

  • Northwestern is wearing USA-themed jerseys this week. Fitzgerald said he and the team are excited to support the Wounded Warrior project and don’t understand why there’s been an uproar.
  • Fitzgerald said it’s been a tough month for the Wildcats, but every game is important because of bowl eligibility. Morale remains high, he said.
  • “We have a group of young men that really embrace what it means to be a Wildcat, and we’re really proud of them.”
  • Fitzgerald said Northwestern’s offense hasn’t been able to operate at full speed this season because of the plethora of injuries the Wildcats have experienced.

Kevin Wilson:

  • Wilson said Tevin Coleman will likely miss the Wisconsin game because of ankle sprain.
  • Wilson said there's nothing to Indiana having starters on special teams. They've always had key roles on those units. 

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kalabuckzoo's picture

i'd like to start a hire guiton campaign.  don't even let him step off campus upon graduation.

dumpus's picture

sorry...fat thumbs and a little iphone screen.  
help please?

Ethos's picture

we need to figure out how to put the downvote button on the other side of the name.  I do that all the time with the nexus at home.

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Toilrt Paper's picture

I believe he will get drafted, if not a sure free agent signing. A quintessential NFL back up QB.

TommyWayne's picture

If he has good workouts, it would be great for him to get the next-level experience (and bench cash!!)
Maybe he even gets to see some time. With the Rams seeing about potential interest from Favre and Brady Quinn being traded around like a commodity, why not spend a small amount and pick up Guiton in the 6th round?

d5k's picture

I love Kenny but this is a big stretch.  He doesn't have the arm talent for the NFL despite having all the intangibles.  But I agree about him being around the program if Urban genuinely wants that.

BierStube's picture

I love the comments by Wilson!

"No matter where you go, there you are." B. Banzai

gwalther's picture

I will fill in the blank.
Kevin Wilson:

  • "We are good at offense."
  • When asked about the defense Wilson responded, "what's that?"
  • When asked if the Hoosiers will be able to compete for Big Ten titles going forward, Wilson said, "LOL. No. We're going to be in the same division as Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Penn State. Maybe in basketball."


Class of 2008

Ethos's picture

though they do have an opportunity over the next year or two to be second or third in the division.

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e135800's picture

A Big Ten title was Hoke’s goal until last week. Now, he’s aiming toward a 10-win season.
I thought I'd have something to say about that quote but I'm just speechless.  Wtf do they have in their water up there?



Ethos's picture

filled the jelly doughnuts with hallucinogens. 

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

GoBucksToledo's picture

A 10-win season - another unobtainable goal!

Seattle Linga's picture

Hoke also mentioned that anything less than a B1G championship was unacceptable. What the H does that really mean anyway?

BeijingBucks's picture

It's like dieting apparently. You plan to lose 100 lbs and anything less is unacceptable... Until you gain instead of lose. Than losing any weight is considered a positive!

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Maestro's picture

After this week will scUM be aiming for a bowl game not in Michigan.

vacuuming sucks

stcburn's picture

Hoke? LMAO Keep your head up boys, there's always next year.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

over/under 400 yards rushing for Wisconsin this weekend?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

GoBucksToledo's picture

Over/under -20 yards rushing for TTUN?

jccavanaugh's picture

Is the under the more negative number, or is that the over? Shoot - there goes TSUN messing up math. They ruin everything.

RedsBuckeyeBoy's picture

Dammit! That thing that Ethos said earlier about moving the downvote button! Is it really possible?

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Well it is Northwestern, so Fitz might get 2.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

Bigbutterbuckeye's picture

On 23 carries....

ESPN starting the SEC channel to concentrate on the SEC is like Baskin-Robbins starting a new store to concentrate on selling ice cream.

tennbuckeye19's picture

Beckman said the team is aware of the 19-game conference losing streak...

So while Meyer goes for #22, it's nice to know Illinois has their own little streak going. 

TommyWayne's picture

It's also nice to know that it's unlikely either streak gets broken.
Everybody wins!!

Ethos's picture

unrelated, but what happened to Spencer's 6?

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

GoBucksToledo's picture

Just a fold in his jersey

Seattle Linga's picture

I thought he was captain for a minute

jedkat's picture

Hoke remains confident in his team. He pointed to all they’ve been through – 5:30 workouts, hot summer days, spring and fall camp, etc. He said the media didn’t go through all of that.

the media also rushed for 0 yards the past two Saturdays. That's 69 yards more than Michigan, for those who like to keep track.

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DannyBeane's picture

I slept 14 hours yesterday and still rushed more yards than Michigan.

OneToughNut25's picture

Hoke remains confident in his team. He pointed to all they’ve been through – 5:30 workouts, hot summer days, spring and fall camp, etc. He said the media didn’t go through all of that.
So like every other team?  Michigan sucks and the only thing that distinguishes him from Rich Rod is 1 win against the worst OSU team in about 100 years and recruiting...other than some more donuts and join in with your team at their 5:30 workouts...

GoBucksToledo's picture

Are donut stores open before 5:30?

BuckeyeDynasty's picture

“You can’t worry about what the press says, and what people on the outside say. They don’t know.”
Quote of the season right here folks.
well Hoke, One thing we do know is that your offensive game plan is Atrocious, and your doing a piss poor job at developing your players, theres no hiding from those blatant facts.
I also find it funny how he likes to say "Beat Ohio" all the time, because i feel that's exactly what he will have the chance to do after he inevitably gets canned, an ends up coaching back in the MAC. At least He wont have to change his slogan, its gonna be nice to watch the Bobcats stomp on his teams as well.

Wesleyburgess1's picture

Wow that's so true.. I dont think ttun could beat the bobcats right now.

Hovenaut's picture

Gang tackling.

Disruption of rhythm.

Gotcha, Coach B.

Spider1944's picture

Hovenaut, sounds like buzz words to me?

"There are 3 things that can happen and 2 of them are bad" - the Curse of Woody Hayes

Hovenaut's picture

Guess Beckman had to say something.

45has2's picture

What Gravy Hoke really said: " Um..ah...well...umm.....uh...yeah...uh......ummm."

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

I_Run_The_Dave's picture

It seems to me that the biggest hindrance to Rich Rod at M*ch*g*n was the lack of buy-in by the administration, the fans, and the program in general.  Though not as good at recruiting as Hoke, you might argue that he developed his talent better.
Hoke's recruiting is significantly better but he does not have a cohesive unit on either side of the ball and his development is lacking.  His best players were recruited and developed by Rich Rod.
I'd almost say that if Rich Rod hadn't been set up for failure, that he would have been successful.  Certainly, were he still the coach, he would be doing better than Hoke and his staff are currently.  
It's a shame that scUM is so wrapped up in the "Michigan Man" concept that they end up losing out on good things that do come their way.  It's also worth noting that all good "Michigan Men", including Brady Hoke, have come from Ohio.

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

I am glad Evan Spencer feels like this team could beat Alabama or Florida State.  You have to believe that you can, because if you don't, and you have to play them, you've already lost.  The confidence is great, but you might not want to say things like he said outside of the locker room, to where it makes headlines and Alabama and FSU hear it.  I say let your play on the field do the talking.  If Alabama or FSU have to face us in the title game, let them drink the media kool-aid and be overconfident.  Let them think it's going to be easy and that OSU doesn't belong on the field with them.  And then watch the looks on their faces if the Buckeyes do actually "wipe the field" with them.  
And I'm sure every team has been through what Hoke speaks of his team as having gone through.  I wouldn't be too terribly confident right now - I'd be throwing chairs, stone cold stunning my offensive line, and figuring out how to run the ball and throw the ball without getting Devin killed half the time.   

Class of 2010.

gobucks96's picture

Sorry, Hoke has far too much talent recruited on the offensive line. No way shape or form they can't gain any yards at all for two straight weeks. That is on the coaching staff, too much was made of the recruits not to get them on the field....

Seattle Linga's picture

Coaching coaching coaching - you can take a determined young man and as long as he has the desire and motivation you can make him great.
If on the other hand, you have a great potential talent and you turn him into a mediocre player ............. that's on you coach

WezBuck28's picture

5:30 am "workouts"? Running to Tim Hortons before they open doesn't count as a workout..