Ohio State Will Be a Hot Shopping Spot for Athletic Directors

By DJ Byrnes on November 6, 2013 at 3:43p
Ohio State Offensive Coordinator Tom Herman

Success breeds success; this much is known. And since Urban Meyer has arrived at Ohio State, all he has had is success. This means others are coming to poach his underlings with part of that blueprint embedded in them. From ESPN:

The two-year commitments Urban Meyer asked of his first coaching staff at Ohio State will soon be filled. The assistants have all added 21 wins without a loss to their most current résumés. The No. 4 Buckeyes are on pace for another division title, in line for a spot in the Big Ten title game and still jockeying for a bid to compete for the crystal football.

So, as the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported on Tuesday that Florida Atlantic is targeting defensive coordinator Luke Fickell, it’s a safe bet that some of the hottest coaching toys on the market are at Ohio State. And after keeping them all to himself after last season's undefeated campaign, the signs are already there that Meyer will need to restock his shelves this offseason.

“We had four guys that had some people trying to discuss head-coaching opportunities for them,” Meyer said in the spring. “And I hope that happens for some of them, but I’m kind of glad it doesn’t happen after just one year. 

Here's to hoping Tom Herman doesn't land somewhere in the Big Ten.


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The Urban Meyer coaching tree continues to branch out.

Not surprising, but hoping to see the majority of this staff collect a trophy (or two...) before leaving the nest.

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Herman leaving will hurt, he's easily my favorite assistant
Ditto on hoping he doesn't end up somewhere in the Big 10, that would be terrifying

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Come on. What B1G school will pay for him?
I thought about using the sarcasm font for that...but what program would be willing to pay for him?! He's probably getting more pay as an assistant at Ohio State than any other B1G school would pay for a head coach...

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Nah man, look at what Iowa has done with Ferentz.

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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I think Herman ends up in the NFL before he becomes a head coach.

Dan Isaacs

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The Big Ten needs good coaches.  If Herman leaves to go to, say, a Nebraska, he'll be a formidable opponent in time, but he will be coaching their players against Ohio State's and coaching and recruiting against Urban Meyer and his staff.  Not to diminish Herman's abilities, but I'll take my chances with Meyer and the players and coaches he will be able to bring in and develop.  Not every good coordinator makes a good HC (see: Pelini, Bo).
I just hope that whenever Meyer decides to leave, he has groomed a successor to take over. I would hate for his most talented assistants to leave over time, and have to start from scratch when he decides to hang it up.  Who knows, maybe the next OSU HC will decide to stay and bide his time until the opportunity arises rather than chasing "better" (i.e., more money/responsibility)jobs elsewhere.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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When you said not every coordinator makes a good HC I automatically thought of Muschamp. But Bo works just as well. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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Plenty of good examples.  Muschamp certainly appears to fit the profile so far.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Who knows, maybe the next OSU HC will decide to stay and bide his time until the opportunity arises rather than chasing "better" (i.e., more money/responsibility)jobs elsewhere.


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What I was trying to say is that if a current Buckeye assistant is the heir apparent to Meyer, he may stay at OSU until Meyer quits, rather than taking a HC job at another school (presumably for more money than he would make as an assistant at OSU) while Urban is still coaching.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

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Such as Vrabel? He probably has a nice chunk of change in the bank and can afford to go where he and his family wants to be instead of chasing a dollar.

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I don't like some of the implications this will have on current recruits, although I believe players ultimately want to play Urban & not the assistants who may be recruiting them...

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Tom!   Please,   stay a Buckeye!


Losing Herman will hurt. Losing Coach Warinner would hurt more. The Buckeyes can't rebuild their offensive line next year they won't be going anywhere, period.
I hope Herman stays 1 more year just so we can have a better shot at keeping Brax one more year. Would be great to give JT an extra year to mentor under both of them.

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The Ohio State University Class of 2001

BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

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I actually hope Herman does stay in the B1G. Only way this conference will get better is by hiring guys like Tom. I would like to see him go to Nebraska. They will be in the west next year and we wont have to play them unless it's in the championship game.


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My thoughts exactly

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I don't think Nebraska would want to hire another coordinator.

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Here's to hoping Tom Herman doesn't land somewhere in the Big Ten.

I respectfully disagree. We can't complain that the suckitude of the Big Ten is killing our Title hopes and also root for good coaches to stay out of the conference. If Herman would elevate another BT school in prestige, it will help OSU.

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The same goes for recruits as well.

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+1 for the correct (?) usage of 'suckitude'

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So our coaches are good enough to coach other teams, our back-up qb is good enough to start at most schools but our team overall is not worthy of playing for the national championship. I think I get it now. Wait.... Yeah. I get it now. 

"Play for Ohio State or get beat by Ohio State. That simple." - Kirk Barton 

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Know it's gonna happen sooner than later. Just hope it's not in bunches!! A lot easier to replace an assitsant here and their, a whole nother matter replacing 2-3 at a clip. We have a few candidates that could potentially ask other assistants to join them at their programs.


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Here's to hoping OSU gets out the checkbook to keep Herman around a little while longer.  In the words of Teddy KGB...pay that man his money!

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"Rounders" was a great movie....so was it's pool equivalent in "Pool Hall Junkies".  

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I don't think so, Urban's not giving them away without a fight!

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It is what it is it's the nature of the business. I wish they all would stay around together forever. But this isn't the way it's going to go down. Urban will bring in good assistants and life will go on. I wish them luck if they do leave.

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It's a good problem to have, as it means Urban's hiring great assistants.  I'd much rather have this problem than the problem of having coordinators that nobody else goes after because they're worthless (Walrusball, anyone?).

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Does all this mean Ohio State has an excellent coaching staff that is proven by the team's success? Doesn't SOS mean anything outside the polls?

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I hear Walt Harris is available. (I keed.)

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I seriously wondered where Walt was when film boy was our QB coach ruining kids. 

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I think he may have been QB coach at Akron then. (Wikipedia)

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I don't think Herman leaving hurts us as much as we think it might, maybe from a recruiting standpoint (Texas) but as an OC, I'm sure we would be in great hands with Ed Warinner who most may not know, is the Co-Offensive Coordinator, handling the O-line and the running game.
He also helmed a Jayhawk team that averaged 310ypg passing as well so I'd bet he's next in line just like Whiters would be if Fickell took another position. 

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I believe that whatever happens this year, Herman stays another year, if not just to "get one more" in the most perfect system he has encountered thus far. 
Meyer's philosophy melds to his offensive creative genius like hand and glove.
I simply do not see him jumping for about the same pay for more headache and prestige elsewhere.  He is getting attached to the core philosophy of the team, which has been described as almost "high schoolish".
Herman will continue to hone and perfect his craft, and very well might be content to stay for longer than some might think!

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If Alabama has been able to keep Kirby Smart all these years, we can figure out how we can keep our coaches......it'll come to the $$$$ 
If we give our assistants a formidable raise, they'll stay for a couple more years, especially if we don't get to play in the NCG. After back to back undefeated seasons, I think all the coaches are gonna want to see this through and play in at least one NCG with a chance to win it all. Those type of experiences don't come around very often, and are priceless...

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I wonder...... when Dan Mullen gets fired at Miss. State (which may be possible based on how bad they are) if he'd be available for Urban to snatch back up if Herman left.

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Chip kelly anyone? Lol

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What will be more interesting is who UFM replaces them with.... what pedigree will they come in with the recruiting skills and fundamentals.   I actually look forward to Fickell leaving so we can breath some additional new life into the Defensive coaching.

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It seems very vogue to criticize Fick, all the cool kids are doing it. For another perspective, from someone that played with Luke and also played at the next level you might want to read this from Matt Finkes:

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PittBuckeye's picture

Never gona win that battle, I agree with you, but you'll never get anywhere.
People see a defense have some growing pains while they still manage to not give up enough to lose a game in two years and all you hear is fire fickel, what's wrong with the defense, OMG we suck ahh, we're the worst team to ever win 21 straight games, blarg.

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

Everything you just said... I did not say in my comment.  And all I said about Fick was another direction would be fresh for the D...  I didn't say UFM should fire him... the reports are he may have interviewed for a HC position... if he leaves it on his own terms... obviously UFm likes Fick or he would have been cut in the transition

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EMU just got rid of their missedagain man. Now, there's a challenge.

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