TBDBITL Blows the Doors Off the Shoe

By Johnny Ginter on October 27, 2013 at 8:07a

I really don't know how to express how insane some of this stuff is. The Ohio State University Marching Band has always been amazing, but the last two years or so has really seen an incredible evolution take place in terms of choreography and creativity that's kind of astonishing to watch. The rest of the country has to be on notice: this is how you do a halftime show.


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Thanks for posting the video of the halftime show. That was unbelievable.

Its good to be the king

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Yeah it was. Wow. I thought the TRex eating was unreal.
They have to use some sort of cumputer modelling to come up with that stuff, right?

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Computer programs are generally used now to choreograph all the individual sets to the music.  Take the TRex for example.  There was probably a set every 8-steps per marching Buckeye to trace it out.  Put it all together and you get glorious motion.

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The only the thing that would have made the T-rex thing better, is if they had made it shit out a turd after eating the Missagain fan.

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There was a write up somewhere of how the band has implemented iPads to display the music and the marching formations on the go for the band members.  They use them instead of sheet music during practice, and it shows the accompanying steps.  Pretty cool stuff. 

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this is one of the things that makes college football so much better than pro football. 

Big B

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Can we just double the band director's salary?  He's a savant.
THAT'S why FAMU didn't bring their band up here.

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The only move FAMU has is twerking.

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Waters's imagination in coming up with these shows week after week is very impressive! 

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I want that Golden Snitch costume to run around (drunk) in downtown Columbus at the Highball Halloween.

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This is just so good there are not adjectives to describe it!  
The creativity is off the charts.

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OSU's band is just going off this year! No offense to the now-retired Dr. Jon Woods, but the absence of the 2-3 yearly tributes to dead 1800's Russian composers is not missed at all.

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Absolutely incredible

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Best one since the Video Game Tribute that won Waters the permanent job as director. Dude is crazy.

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What a show! And with a reminder to PSU that THEY ARE NOT OUR RIVAL!

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It was fun watching the PSU Blue Band stand on the sidelines watching TBDBITL show them how a halftime show is done.
I'm sure the Blue Band felt like the Nittany Lion football team...completely outmatched, outclassed and dominated.

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It's getting to the point where we need a weekly column dedicated to the band's performance.  Every week I say wow that was their big show of the season and then the next week they moon walk and then the next week they eat a ttun fan as a giant TRex.

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How can we upvote this more?  This would be a fantastic idea!  EW Editors, you need to get a detailed evaluation of the marching show in addition to all the defense/offensive breakdowns.

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I would love to hear more about the band and from any current/past members about their perspective on it.  A regular column would be terrific.

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One person came to mind immediately: I was in TBDBITL with a guy who sometimes covers OSU Lady BB for Buckeye Battle Cry. Unfortunately, Charles now lives Down Under. 
Plenty of folks from my era in the band read 11W, though. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to connect the dots and get someone on this.
On a personal note, what the band is doing these days is crazy. While I know it was an honor and impressive feat to be in the band 10 years ago (I mean, people asked me for my autograph), this band is doing things I couldn't imagine. I'm blown away.

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edit: sorry, doublepost

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That halftime show was GOD. 

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TBDBITL showed Penn State who our REAL rival is! 

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Who/what did the T-Rex eat?  Also, I love that in the midst of a game against PSU, even the band is thinking about our true rival.  So demeaning.

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Someone wearing a blue #98 jersey doing a Heisman pose. Any guesses?

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That was AWESOME! TBDBITL continues to raise the bar every Saturday.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Your move, China.

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I didn't even see the T-rex eat Gardner the first time I was too busy gawking at how the legs were moving like that! Good show guys keep it up! We appreciate all the time you guys put in! 

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Sweet. TBDBITL  does it again. Holy smokes. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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FUCKING AMAZING! The whole show was awesome but they started with the best. That superman saving the building was incredible. 
There are no others, only the ONE!

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My girlfriend's comment: good thing they let the other band go first.

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This was just incredible to watch. The crowd noise during parts of this show were at game time levels.
I'd also like to point out that this show was immediately preceded by PSU's band forming a triangle. A triangle.

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Triangles are reeeeealy hard to make!  Especially isosceles!

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+1 just for spelling isosellis isawsowlees isosceles correctly.

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There was a drunk girl sitting next to me who was REALLY mad that their band kept forming crooked lines. It was pretty funny. 

No relation to OSUFORLIFE...

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This is amazing. 

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Unreal!  I Love TBDBITL!

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That is just amazing.  Congrats to TBDBITL!

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Having briefly been a band geek in HS, I have to say that learning a complicated show like that is incredibly difficult (not that we did ANYTHING even remotely similar! From the sound of it, our HS band show was on a par with State Penn's). That is freakin' amazing!
The BDBITL is killin' it every time out!

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No more stodgy old afraid to take a gamble band directors. Waters is a one of a kind genius.
Just like the football team, every band member has an IPad that has all of that week's individual steps programmed in. That each member can memorize and practice on his own.

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Be careful; Jon Woods mentored Jon Waters. Woods did some amazing things when he was director. It's too bad YouTube wasn't a thing when the Rose Bowl Star Wars show from 1997 went down. That was the stuff of legend. We did part of it 5 years later during my rookie year and it was damn complex.
I'd think of it like this: Woods was Tressel and Waters is Urban. Both are great, but in completely different ways. We should consider ourselves lucky to have had either at OSU.

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Makes me that more more proud to be a Buckeye. They really are The Best...Amazing.

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Love it.

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We are so lucky to have TBDBITL.  
They provide us with the only half time show I will sit through instead of running to the bathroom. Now we need them to televise so we don't have to listen to May give his opinion for 30 mins.  

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I was at the game and my whole section was screaming and yelling stuff like "HOLY SHIT" etc. It was awesome. The "Blue Band" from Penn State wasn't even close.

Our Honor Defend!

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There must be some Buckeye fans at the UK Daily Mail in London. The folks there have covered several Ohio State stories the past couple of years. 
TBDBITL has always been fantastic. It has taken a dramatic step forward under the leadership of Jonathan Waters. It seems like this band is getting coverage from national and international media sources after every halftime performance. People want to see this band. You can see it with the views on YouTube. This band is a special group. No university in the country has a group like this.

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What a fantastic job by TBDBITL.  Thanks for posting this!

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I ask this because I have no idea, but does the band learn their halftime shows during the week leading up to the games? Or do they learn them all beforehand and then practice them the week they're performing them?

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They learned this show in a week.

Our Honor Defend!

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Most shows are learned in a week, but some get a little more time due to bye weeks or non-band away games. This was a 5 day show as the above poster mentioned.

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This is incredible.  And I totally agree: MORE BAND COVERAGE IS A GOOD THING!

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I would love to see the BTN have a weekly show dedicated to the weeks band performances around the conference during the halftime shows. Performances like this really warrant such attention, far more than replaying the same game of the week for a fifth or sixth time.

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When I talk to people about being an Ohio State fan, I sometimes (jokingly) say that the band is more popular than the Football team. Maybe I'm only half-joking.

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The facebooks is buzzing up here in Michigan!  All the Michigan fans are getting these videos posted to their walls

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Absolutely incredible.

Loving all things Buckeye from SEC country in Alabama.

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