The BCS-Altering Harris Poll Makes Its Debut

October 14, 2013 at 11:46a    by DJ Byrnes    


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I want to know how Clemson still has a #1 vote.

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My thoughts exactly

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"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -- Woody

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I don't know -- that dominant home win that was never in doubt against a very very good Boston College team solidified it for me...

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They still have a win on their resume that's better than anything OSU has a prayer of getting before the bowl game. Thanks, B1G.

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It's not like OSU ever had a potential top-10 team on their schedule for this year (neither Vandy nor Cal qualify), so if you're being honest, you have to admit that it's partially self-inflicted.
Clemson played South Carolina OOC, remember.
What we really need is a bigger playoff.  Top six teams make it, top two get a bye.

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My guess is we're still #4 next week as I imagine the winner of the FSU/Clemson game ends up #3

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A 30+ point win over Iowa might prevent that, but you are likely correct.

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That could definitely help, but I think the reputation of the B1G is already cemented in place that it may not matter. But, then again, dropping 70 points on them (hypothetically of course) and only giving up a handful of touchdowns, especially if a couple are against backups, would definitely put something in the back of the voters' heads.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Maybe if Iowa could've pulled off that W vs NIU and didn't get beat down by MSU. 

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Were probably gonna need a huge win over Iowa and a low scoring sloppy FSU-Clemson game to end up at 3 (even though it would probably just end up getting spun as an endorsement of how good ACC defenses are)

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Here's a scenario.  
1. Like last year, the defense plugs the leak and fixes it's weakness, the passing defense.  Then Urban puts the petal to the metal and we start beating our B1G opponents by 20-30 pts. (michigan by 40, of course)
2. FSU and Clemson play a turnover filled very close game with FSU winning.  
3. Either Alabama or Oregon get beat.
= We in the championship game.

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FSU still has Miami and Florida on their schedule, which aren't going to be "gimme" wins. Clemson has South Carolina still on their slate as well.

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Good news is, they both still play good teams after they play each other.  Clemson plays at South Carolina for the final game of the season.  FSU still has to play Miami and @ Florida.  So I would say I'd like FSU to win, considering they have a tougher schedule to manage.

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Big gap between 2 and 3...
I still stand my ground and say that if Ohio State runs the table, they will be in the National Championship game.
Just my opinion.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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That depends on what happens with other teams, as we do not control our own destiny like other teams do. If 'Bama and Oregon both win out, there is absolutely no way we play in the Championship game.....and it is with sorrow (but full certainty) that I say that we wouldn't deserve to either if you are comparing all three schedules.

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Agreed.  It would be sweet to play in the final BCS NCG, but you are correct about the schedules.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Great username by the way.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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The only thing we control is winning out!  The rest will take care of itself.  And to be honest, National Championship Game or not, 26-0 is going to be good way to start next year.  What is Meyer's line, the only good thing about 26-0 is the chance to go 27-0!

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We gott'em right where we want'em. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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FSU concerns me more than Clemson.  Granted they could have just as bad of a game as Clemson did.  But turning the ball over as much as Clemson did against a team with even a descent offense would have put them in a huge hole.  Probably not one they could have recovered from like they did against BC.

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Florida State has a freshman quarterback--a real good one, but still just a freshman. I'd be surprised if that doesn't come into play at some point.

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Not to be hyperbolic, but that freshman QB will be the best player in the country soon. FSU definitely worries me (talent wise, schedule wise, voter bias wise) more than Clemson. Sigh...

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Redshirt freshman, right?

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Same here. Miami and the (still dangerous but clearly floundering) UF are both easier wins for FSU than South Carolina will be for Clemson. Especially match-up wise, you know SC's very legit ESSS EEE SEEE DEEE FENSE (sorry) will take it to Clemsons pretty little air raid ish offense. I'm confident Ol Ball Coach isn't letting Clemson march into the NCG at his team's expense. 
FSU is more troubling because theyre 1.) a more established brand, history-wise, than Clemson (and yes, this type of BS matters to voters. B/c voters suck and have herd/name recognition mentality.) 2.) have a potentially Heisman-ish QB (Winston) and 3.) have a weaker schedule down the line (as least IMO, as detailed above). 
So, we root for Clemson next week, trusting that they'll fall to SC later on down (also, the later the loss the more it hurts in BCS). I just think this is the last game on FSU's schedule they will really be challenged in, and that they HAVE to lose it. Whereas with Clemson, we can still take the chance that they'll choke vs SC. Not ideal, but we're in a tough situation.
Thanks, Rest Of the B1G. You worthless schmucks.

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What a useless poll.  It basically echoes the other human polls, which are open to manipulation by the major media outlets (ESPN).  I'd just as soon see the computers take over.  They can't be swayed by the hype machines...only by nerds.

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so Northwestern Stanford final anyone?  #wecanarrangeit



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I'm holding out for Carnegie Mellon - Cal Tech.